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1920s: Great Gatsby Roaring 20s

1920s: Art Deco Gatsby Corcoran

1950s: The Fabulous 50s

1960s: 60s Party

1960s: 60s Party Small

1980s: 80s Theme

1980s: 80s Theme New Years Eve

Acrylic Tables

Air Stream Trailer

Apollo 11 Lounge

Arabian Nights

Avoid Loading Dock Congestion

Biker Bar

BKA Johns Hopkins

Boxwood is Everywhere

Brown University

Caesars Palace Corp

Carnival Corp

Catholic University

Catholic University Hall of Fame




Cherry Blossoms - Large Lounge

College Games & Attractions

Colonial Williamsburg

Conference Display Products

Christmas: Holiday Decor 2020

Christmas: Santa's Reception

Christmas: Holiday Centerpieces

Christmas Last Minute

Christmas: Holiday Decor Fireplace

Christmas: Holiday Decor Sleigh

Christmas: Holiday Decor Sleigh 2

Christmas: Holiday Ornament Schools

Christmas: Ski Lodge

Christmas: Winter White

Christmas: Winter Wonderland

Conference Services

Copper & Mint

Corporate Lounge Branded

Cuba / Havana Nights 2018

Covid: Call Us. We're Open!


Covid: Protective Shields Corporate

Covid: Retail Opening Screening

Covid: Graduation Equipment Rentals


Covid: Drive-In Graduations Boxwood


Covid: Drive-In Graduations Stars


Covid: Drive-In Graduations 7


Covid: Drive-In Graduations 6


Covid: Drive-In Graduations 5

Covid: Drive-In Graduations 4

Cuba / Havana Nights 2019

Custom Event Carpet

DC Acrylic Centerpieces

Day at The River

Disco Chesapeake

Designer Tables Knotty Pine - Extended

Designer Tables Knotty Pine

Display Fabrication

Fabrication Services

Fabrication Services Music

Flags & Bunting

Food Truck Props

Games: Fun & Games

Garden Tent

Georgetown Visitation Fundraiser

Glow Dance Floor

Glow Lounge

Hampton U. Anniversary Gala 2018


Hollywood VA Beach

I Love The 80s

Inaugural Equipment

Inaugural Parts

Industrial Chic

INSA Custom Design

James Bond 007

Jefferson Memorial

Kentucky Derby

Knotty Pine Table Spindle

LED Blossom Trees

LED Blossom Trees 2019

LED Trees

Lighting Mellon Auditorium

Lighting Roanoke College Tent

Lit Marquee Bar

Live Edge Tables Black Walnut Colorful

Live Edge Tables Black Walnut

Live Edge Tables Sycamore

Lounge Environments

Made In The USA

Mardi Gras

Market Lights

Mid-Century Modern Sectional Seating

Moulin Rouge

Old Hollywood

Orange & Earth Tone

Oriental Decor

Outdoor Events


Outdoor Movie Night Special

Outdoor Movie Night 4 - Monster Marathon

Outdoor Movie Night

Paris Paris Casino

Pop Art General

Protective Shields

Pub High Tables

Pub High Tables SESMA

Raising The Bar

Reagan Center Stage

Restoration Bars

Rock Casino

Rock N Roll Retirement Party

Rope Accent

Round Stages




Tailgate Party

Streaming & Remote Meetings 6


Streaming & Remote Meetings 5

Streaming & Remote Meetings 4

Streaming & Remote Meetings 3

Streaming & Remote Meetings 2

Streaming Remote Meetings 1

Tent Lighting

Tiki Hut Bar

Total Gala Solutions - Hospice

Total Gala Solutions - Steampunk

Tradeshows - Full Service, Planning, Drayage

US Flag Inaugural

UVA Alumni Lighting / Furniture

VCU ICA Fundraiser Gala

VCU Kickoff - Cabell Library

Versailles Winter White - Greek Church 100yr

VMI Midwinter Gala

Welcome to Washington

Western Theme

Winter Wonderland

Woodmont Mitzvah

Furniture Seating

Aviator Chair

Barcelona Chairs

Black Link Chair

Boutique Lounge

Cherry Blossoms - Large Lounge

Designer Kit -Deauville Bamboo

Designer Kit -Industrial

Designer Kit - Michael Rattan

Designer Kit - Splitback Mid Century Modern

Designer Kit -Stanford Caneback

Garden Furniture - Rattan

Garden Lounge - Teak Wooden

Garden Furniture - Tropical

Industrial Chic

Lounge Environments - The Shed August

Lounge Environments - Gatsby

Lounge Environments - The Shed June

Lounge Environments - The Shed Long

Metro Barstools Add Color

Metro Metal Arm Chair Wooden

Metro Metal Barstool Wooden

Mid Century Modern Calabasas

Orange & Earth Tone

Stanford Furniture

Zaffiro Sofa

Spindle Tables

Spring Colors

Stage Sets

Gala Stage Set


Andre Wells - BWA Gala

Andre Wells - HU Anniversary Gala 2018

Stage Set: Custom Fabrication BKA

Stage Set: Custom Fabrication BKA

Stage Set: Design Fabrication
White TV

CCAI Hollywood

CCAI Crystal Drape & Stars

Political Stage Sets

Spandex Stage Sets

Space Theme


Wedding - Big Fat Greek Wedding

Wedding - Dancefloor Wrap

Wedding Eflyer

Wedding Kits

Weddings by Ted
Planning Package

Planning Package

Wedding Pope

Wedding Structures

Weddings - Sweetheart Tables Orange

Weddings - Sweetheart Tables Gold

Weddings - Sweetheart Tables Turquoise

High School

Prom in a Parking Lot - Garden

Prom in a Parking Lot - Gatsby

Prom in a Parking Lot - Paris

Prom in a Parking Lot - Glow

20s Great Gatsby

60s Disco Flower Power

Arabian Nights

City Scape

Gaming Postcard

Glow Lounge

Glow Lounge Furniture

Greek Romance


James Bond 007

Lighting - Hollywood Spandex

Lighting - Night Sky

Lighting Efx

Lighting - Sky Spandex

Paris Romance

Romantic Garden

Under The Sea

Winter Wonderland