How do I turn a school gym into a fancy, formal event space?

Event Drape and Professional Lighting Effects are a great way to change the look of a Gym to a more formal setting for any celebration – proms, homecoming dances, ring dances, cotillion, fundraisers!  

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Hire drape at heights of uptown 20ft tall or consider spandex drapes that attach to the ceiling and cover the floor to ceiling.  Then, let’s get creative with lighting.  Ampa can produce Starry Night Scenes, Blue Skies with Puffy Clouds, Trees and Garden scapes, Pop Art Fun and so much more…. Professional event lighting has its roots in Theater Art.  At Ampa, we all have training in the Theater Arts with many of our team members training in the arts and great universities all over our country.  The combination of formal training in the arts, massive in-stock inventories of event and theatrical lighting, theme decor, event rental equipment, 25 years of experience, and a focus on doing great work for every client results in wonderful events created in any venue.

pop art kh lit cocktail highs tornadoes lithographs large
Spandex Drape Wall 15' H x 40' W
For close to 30 years, Ampa Events has provided Creative Theatrical solutions for Lighting, Theme Decor, Audio Visual AV, streaming meetings, stage sets, drape, dance floor,  and custom design for schools, universities, corporate, association, wedding receptions, fundraiser, political and other clients for just about every type of special event or event rental needs.
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