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Some businesses just pop up. True for Ampa, but when it started to click in the 90’s, a great deal of thought went into what we wanted to be. The amphitheater in classical Greece was a feature of life for entertainment, celebration, politics, and oration. All productions were offered manually with traditional theatrical techniques. Artisans working with their hands, creating, providing solutions with a traditional theatrical approach, that’s us.  

Ampa, a complete source of production services and equipment for entertaining, branding,
to support a message, heighten awareness of a cause, and gather people for purpose and fun.

Our History

For nearly 30 years, Ted Rubis has played a role in life’s most poignant moments. The first dance between a newlywed couple. Friends reuniting to share decades-old memories. A political hopeful launching a career. Colleagues uniting toward a shared mission. Volunteers raising money for a cause dear to their hearts. Through it all, Ampa has relied on great service as a founding principle: working with you, listening for needs and then delivering solutions to meet them.

Ted Rubis launched Ampa in 1985 as an entertainment-booking agency, building on his experiences with special events and his affinity for bringing people together. Responding to demand, Ampa expanded its services becoming a full service event producer.

By the 1990s the company offered complete designs including construction of stage sets, custom props and scenery, was invested in a warehouse full of lighting, rigging and audiovisual effects and developed a staggering inventory of theme decor. More importantly, we built a team… a team of creative theater professionals and artisans who know how to pull all the parts together, at any budget, to serve client’s needs. Ampa can dazzle a large audience, bring crowds to their feet or discreetly fade into the background for those special moments…

As a Virginia-based company, Ampa serves local, regional, and national clients. Hire Ampa and you are hiring a direct source of equipment, technical, and design services – a masterful company to orchestrate a total solutions or serve a specific need. Let us help you start celebrating, commemorating, and bringing people together.

What We Do

What makes Ampa stand out:  skilled staff, inventory, efficiencies and flexibility.  Ampa is equally able to orchestrate a total solution or provide one item of the event, tailoring our services to clients needs.  With all the equipment, services and personnel under one roof, at any budget, Ampa seeks to exceed client’s expectations.

  • Lighting Design/Rigging
  • Carpentry
  • Technical Building
  • Materials Analysis
  • Scenic Painting
  • Web Design
  • Hard Coat Technique
  • Directing
  • Meeting Planning
  • Scripting
  • Prop Shop
  • Seamstress
  • Event Management
  • Technical Directors
  • Production Scheduling
  • Trade Show Services
  • Audio/Visual
  • Prop & Stage Design
  • Artistry
  • Foam Carving
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Integration
  • Custom Gobo Design
  • Production Technology
  • Wiring
  • CAD Design Renderings
  • CAD Design Shop Projects
  • Meeting & Event Directors
  • Pre-production Services
  • Extreme Attractions
  • Games
  • Soft Goods
Podium with Ampa Events logo in the background


Ted Rubis


Stephanie Rubis

Vice President

Sandy Crowe


Leslie Amason

Senior Event Designer

James Meekins

Graphic Designer

Tripp Marcus

Theatre Technician

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