Event Services: Event Planning & Design, Custom Fabrication, Management, Party Rentals, and Unique Event Equipment

Matching products and services to needs! Planning events can be fun and Ampa will help make the process even more enjoyable. How? By eliminating the more tedious, mundane and frustrating parts of planning with instant access to Ampa’s vast inventory and trained personnel. Throughout the process, our team of theatre professionals and event planners are available for technical advice, problem solving and the all important installation. Planners and clients alike can have fun with designing the event and leave the heavy lifting to Ampa. Or, sit back, relax and let us design and execute complete solutions.
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Theme & Event Decorating

When it comes to building an effective program, there’s a fine line between beautifully stunning and over-the-top. Ampa can help you hit the creative balance, turning clever ideas into fresh, unique and imaginative results.
Stunning can be produced at any budget. A full room of tropical lighting with a tiki hut bar, tropical centerpieces and choice linens are in stock and ready to ship with 48hrs notice at a price that is almost too affordable to imagine. For an inbound national conference in Washington DC, try an immersive Night on the Mall program, heavy with 3D sets of every famous mall monument, etched acrylic centerpieces, patriotic lighting design, massive bars, lounge furniture, giant cherry blossom trees and finishing touches that will delight. Half a truck or 4 truckloads, we are at your service.
Choose from programs designed with in stock equipment or 100% custom fabrication for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Special Event & Stage Lighting

The single most important tool in production services. When executing a theatrical performance, lighting sets the mood, supports and creates the scene, communicates time of day, foretells impending doom and, of course, its practical purpose, illuminates. Ampa Events brings traditional theatre fixtures and techniques to every production.
Lighting is transformative. It cannot be emphasized enough that lighting is the single most important production tool to set the mood for events. This applies equally to general session stage and podium illumination as well as a black tie fundraisers.

Event, Conference, and Wedding Planning Services

Experience endless event services options with the most exclusive inventory in the Mid-Atlantic: Ceremony Sets, Drape, Pergolas, Arbors, Lighting, Monogram Gobos, Lounge Furniture, Designer Bars, Centerpieces, Lanterns, A/V, White Dance Floor, Theme Decor, and more.


The first step in planning a great event is to listen. Ampa listens, asks questions and seeks a full understanding of the goals first. Then we start planning and provide production solutions to achieve goals.

Design Services

From color palettes to 50ft wide stage sets and everything between. Need a memory wall? Select from hundreds of textures. Drive a message with Branding designed into every element. Consider functional food service displays in many motifs for interactive eats. Formally trained in stellar regional universities, the design team at Ampa has a traditional educational back ground supported by over 20 years of fabrication services with unique materials and a goal to exceed your expectations.

Floor Plans

Floor Plans help visualize how all elements relate to each other, in scale. They are used to govern our installation of full service productions and included in the contracted services. For rental orders, floor plans can be added to the desired service program.

Site Inspections

Properly timed site inspections are effective to confirm details and to enhance your organization of the event team. We recommend site inspections after preliminary designs are approved. In this manner more details are available and thus will create a more productive meeting.

Destination Services

From Travel Arrangements, Offsite Tours, Offsite Events, Golf Outings, Guest Services, to Gift Bags and other services Ampa is pleased to manage all of the above and provide Conference Service personnel to help coordinate while on location.


A rendering is a visual aid used to illustrate designs and help you move forward with a contract for services. In addition to renderings, Ampa provides power point presentations packed with photos of actual products illustrating the program.

Site Selection

Each event creates specific goals and challenges which may predicate a certain type of site. Over 20 years, we have successfully produced events happening in standard and unique locations, from hanging chandeliers in a barn to accenting a castle with lighting. Our extensive technical knowledge, allows Ampa to open up new and exciting possibilities for clients.


Months in advance or with 2 weeks turnaround. Ampa’s knowledgable professionals will guide the process, prompting you and seeking approvals in a timely manner.

Audio Visual & Stage Production Services

Lights, cameras, action! Every meeting can be captivating, entertaining and fun. Ampa Events shall assess the venue, numbers attending, desired format and recommend appropriate audiovisual screens, projectors, sound systems, lighting, directors and finishing touches. Custom designed and built stage sets create excitement and help drive the meeting forward. Theatrics, music, and fun programmed into the run of show support success and create a more memorable meeting.

Live Streaming - Virtual Meetings

Everything that can be done live can be converted to a virtual meeting with a bit of creativity. The best way to describe this service is the use of a newsroom studio – in house and mobile versions are available – to broadcast anything desired. Ampa’s AV teams receive and review multiple sources of media that include VIP panelists, speakers, pre-recorded messages, PowerPoint presentations, and other material provided by clients. If content is needed, we dispatch camera crews and drone aerial cameras for fun results. Additional services include graphics, lower thirds, animation, music and pleasing video effects; rehearsal; run of show and scheduling. Mix it all up and poof! Ampa broadcasts a well blended program to the receiving audience through secure links.
If it can be done live, we can do it in a broadcast. Ampa’s creative team is ready to get started.
streaming meeting equipment rentals library

Conference, Gala and Event Design Service

Listening. Much of the design process is listening. Listening to our client. Listening to stated goals. But also listening “between the lines.” Ampa designers are trained to listen for cues and critical bits of information that are often more important than the overt statements of goals. With every event we design, our goal is a Wow Factor! These morsels of information help us bring the sparkle to your event.

Event Branding: Custom Design, Stage Set, Signage & Decor

 The Baker Awards for INSA started with our favorite statement: “We want something different.”. The Ritz Carlton AV manager referred the association’s planner to Ampa. “I asked to see the award” Ted Rubis, designer. “I immediately recommended a solution – How about a 7ft 3D model as a stage prop? We will warehouse it and ship it yearly.” Ampa has built a variety of stage sets around this branding element for numerous years. Dimensional props and scenery reinforced messages, and helped tell stories. Designing solutions core to the mission of organizations provides long-term efficiencies and enhanced outcomes. One investment resulted in long term success.
Dimensional props and scenery reinforces messages, and helps tell stories. Designing solutions core to the mission of organizations provides long-term efficiencies with multi year use and enhances yearly outcomes.

Galas & Fundraisers

What keeps patrons returning to support the worthy cause year after year? The importance of the cause, but also organizations understand that keeping “it” new and fresh yearly is of paramount importance. Creative designs, theme decorating, lighting, special effects, lovely linens, centerpieces, entertainment and custom features are Ampa’s tools to keep “it” fresh.

Gala Case Study: Richmond Children's Hospital Gala
10+ Years of Service

Drawing together medical professionals, administration and the community, supporting healthcare for children is, without a doubt, a worthy cause. This black tie affair is the ticket for the social season in Richmond.
It’s all in the details. The host venue, the Country Club of Virginia, always delivers a culinary experience with exquisite service. Guests are treated to immensely interesting and tasty passed appetizers, prior to a multi-course plated dinner cooked to perfection. As the evening progresses to dancing, the culinary experience continues with late night snacks.
The country club’s 14 spaces, including the tented patio and two marquis connectors, are the blank canvas to which the artists of the Junior Board Ball Committee and the designers of Ampa Events create the magic of the night. A theme is selected 12 months in advance and each room is transformed with one of 14 different sub themes to create the overall fantasy. Attendees arrive at 6 PM, the entertainment starts and for approximately 2 hours guests move from one space to the next enjoying the environments, music, drinks and tasty morsels.
The immersive environment supports the worthy cause and keeps patrons returning year after year. “Wow! I can’t wait to see what they’re going to do next year.”

ChildrensHospitalGala Bar Image 0243
ChildrensHospital Decor FloatingCandles Image 0311
ChildrensHospitalGala StringLights Chandieler Image 0243
ChildrensHospitalGala Fullroom Lights Centerpieces Image 0243

Weddings Planning & Design

Dream big! Hang floral chandeliers with lights; family portrait walls; multi-level dining; bars, lounge environments, and food displays coordinating with your colors. Ampa turns dreams into reality.


 Where do we hold our fundraiser? Private schools often worry about this all important question. Hotels are wonderful, but the cost may be a concern. Our first recommendation is always on campus in the gymnasiums.
On campus is the perfect location. We love working on campus. Show supporters the campus and how funds are being used. Show them the work of the administration and students. On campus events keeps supporters attached to the school. “But how do we decorate a gym? We need a nice location for a gala.” We all know that guests will still want to be treated to a wonderful event. Ampa Events expansive inventory makes short work of transforming a gym into a gala!

Arcade Games, Shuffleboard, Pool and more

In the mid 1990’s, Ampa actively provided Rock Walls, G-Force Simulators, giant obstacle courses and other extreme attractions to great rock festivals like the Rolling Rock Town Fair and numerous regional concert series in Virginia Beach, Washington DC and Richmond. Over the years, it has been a pleasure providing games and activities for various clients, including schools, churches, festivals, universities, corporate picnics and more. In the past 10 years, Arcade Gaming Suites have been very popular as casual fun and interactive events for corporations or as a hospitality suite for the opening night of a conference. Add an 80’s theme and music for an enjoyable evening.
1920s gatsby casino pool tables IMG 2987

Outdoor Movie Night

Get outside and enjoy a movie under the stars or have a Drive-In experience in a field or parking lot. Outdoor movies are perfect for schools, community centers, apartment complexes, corporations, sport complexes, malls and more! Multiple screen and projector options offer versatility from 20 ft by 16 ft inflatable screens to trailer mounted LED screens for super clear resolution. Try 20 by 30 ft or  20 by 40 ft spandex screens that can be wrapped on a building. For projectors, resolution is the key and we only use high resolution LCD projectors. Need snacks? Add novelty foods like popcorn and cotton candy machines. For VIP programs, add hundreds of Bean Bag Chairs or outdoor furniture.

Holiday Decorating, Christmas Decorating, Commercial and Residential Decorating

We are available for large corporate projects such as the installation of the decorating programs in major regional malls including Disney’s Snow Globe program; corporate lobbies, strip malls and public spaces. From hanging twinkle light curtains, fabric banners and giant snowflakes to designing, building, installing and then storing Santa reception programs, we love the creative process.

Entertainment: Bands, DJs, Trios and Actors

For the perfect event, a mind boggling number of items need to be considered. The right entertainment is one of them. For over 20 years, Ampa has developed relationship with some of the best independent and agency represented entertainers in the country. From a look-alike Elvis impersonator, to a jazz trio, a fabulous big band with incredible brass section or dueling pianos to roving actors, the right entertainment will add to the overall program. Multiple options and creative ideas are available at Ampa.

Corporate Picnics & Family Events

In the 80’s and 90’s the two big events per year for corporate clients were the holiday party and the family picnic. More program types and branding events have accelerated over the years, but an old fashion family oriented picnic with games, entertainers and music is still a winning morale event. Ampa event planners will make all the arrangements including site selection, permitting, catering menus, tents and party rental equipment, games, activities, arts and crafts, prizes, entertainment and music. Add a theme, tiki hut bars, lounge furniture or 20ft tall colorful festive flags as finishing touches for a fun and more traditional event.

Outdoor Excursions

Glamous Camping aka Glamping. Winery Trails. An executive hike on the Blue Ridge ending with gourmet refreshments. Golf tournaments. Tennis tournaments. A private race side tent for Steeplechase. Rooftop luncheon meetings. We are only limited by our creativity and boy do we have plenty of ideas for unique outdoor events. Call today to interview an Ampa planner.
GolfCourse 2

Golf Outings

Ampa Events facilitates and manages total solutions from course selection to tee times, leader boards and refreshments. For corporate clients where networking is key, Ampa will design the all important after party for interactivity and fun. Charitable events, networking or entertaining clients, with 15 years of corporate golf tournament experience, Ampa provides a full service approach to golf outings.

What Event Services are Best For Me?

Need just a bit of help installing?  Don’t have a a clue how to hang something from the beams in the gym?  Trouble finding inventory for the perfect look?  Or, maybe you just need a bit of help to complete your design?  Look below for the right approach that meets your needs, from DIY pick up rental to full service production.



Full Survices

Rental Pick-up

Rental & Delivery

Rental, Delivery & Some Install

Rental, Delivery, Complete Install

Design & Production


I know what I want, I am designing the event.

I know what I want, I am designing the event. I need delivery.

I know what I want. I'm designing the event. I need delivery & some installation.

I know what I want. I'm designing the event. I need delivery & full installation.

I need Ampa Events to do it for me. Ampa, give me a great design!


Most cost-effective. Minimum order $250

Cost-effective. Delivery fee. Minimum order $500

Cost-effective. Delivery & labor fee. Minimum order $500

Cost-effective. Delivery & labor fee. Minimum order $750

Total cost determined by client's budget

Service Fee

Order site inspection, design, planning & other services a la carte

Order site inspection, design, planning & other services a la carte

Order site inspection, design, planning & other services a la carte

Order site inspection, design, planning & other services a la carte

Fees for services are itemized in the design quote.

Delivery & Labor


Delivery Fee TBD

Delivery Fee TBD

Delivery Fee TBD

Delivery Fee TBD


Select products & submit order online.

Select products & submit order online. Will respond with delivery costs.

Select products & submit order online. Will respond with delivery & labor costs.

Select products & submit order online. Will respond with delivery & labor costs.

Reference full service design quote.

* minimum order varies based on city & event type

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With huge in-stock inventories of equipment and a well trained team of theater technicians, one of our many advantages  is “choice.” With our in-house scene shop, a custom program is just a call away. Ampa offers many options and a variety of services tailored to your needs.  

Product Info - It's Free

As a direct source of unique equipment, technical, and design services, we understand events from the equipment to the execution. Being in business since the mid 90’s Ampa has amassed a great deal of information that is instantly available. Planning time is a cost that is reduced dramatically by Ampa because we do not have to do the product research to collect info, thus we are more efficient planners and get clients to a final program more efficiently.


We do all kinds of events! Parties, Holiday parties, corporate events,  Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, Quinceanera’s, weddings, special events, trade shows, expos, conferences, proms, homecoming, graduations, church events, fundraisers and more. 

We have thousands of items in our inventory! If you still can’t find what you need call us at 804-358-5451 and we’ll work with you to find what you need. 

We do! We offer everything from a hands off DIY approach to a full service design and production approach. 

Yes. Ampa Events offers a variety of services tailored to meet the needs of the client. DIY clients who wish to design their own program can place an order for pick up rentals. Ampa has everything from 1920s party supplies and Great Gatsby decor to disco party theme decorations and stage sets for the US Capitol, Washington Monument, White House, Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial and more decor for parties. We are a full service production company but also qualify as “ event rental companies near me” providing party equipment rentals, portable dance floors, furniture rentals in Washington, DC. Ampa provides services for a multitude of clients including: corporations, national conferences, trade shows, associations, galas, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 16 parties, universities, schools and brides. With so much equipment in stock, we can tailor services for everyone. Wedding decorations and centerpieces are equally fun for us as it is to provide the best furniture rentals with Made in the USA lounge furniture from green manufactures in NC, CA, PA, MN, IN, OK

Ampa Events owns all of our specialty equipment, including theme decor, props, scenery, event drapes, stage drape, lighting, av equipment, centerpieces, candelabra, wedding chandeliers, floral arches, best furniture, farm tables, acrylic tables, throne chairs, games and so much more. We have been smart and avoided commodity products such as gold chiavari chairs because there are so many good companies who have them. In most cases, we will pick them up, and other commodity special event rentals, and deliver them at the market retail price. We avoid the mark up game because we own all the more expensive specialty equipment and will provide event party rentals we do not own as a courteous party equipment rental service.

Ampa Events proudly serves the following areas, including but not limited to:

Virginia: Richmond, Charlottesville, Williamsburg, Newport News, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Reston, Chantilly, Rosslyn, Falls Church, Vienna, Manassas, Prince William County, Dumfries, Middleburg

Washington D.C.

Maryland: Baltimore, Annapolis, Silver Springs, Bethesda, Rockville, Chevy Chase, Kensington, Gaithersburg, Fredrick


New Jersey: Cherry Hill, SONJ, Souther New Jersey

North Carolina: Charlottesville, Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Outer Banks

Touring: As a touring production service company, Ampa Events will travel to you: Coast to Coast in the 48  continental states of the USA.

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