Current Openings

Wages Starting at $50,000 and adjusted for experience and skill set.  Full time salary exempt position with benefits.
General Description:
In business for over 25 years, Ampa Events is a well-established event and production company in the east coast community.
We have successfully come through 2020 and are now looking to expand.
Our ideal candidate for General Manager will have the diverse skills and flexibility that the event/live production industry requires.  Leadership, organizational skills, HR skills and great customer service skills are a must.  The live event industry requires some work at nights, weekends, and occasionally overnights per the needs of our client events.


  • Monitor and Manage overall company operations.  Have your finger on the pulse of the company in all departments.
  • Insure a safe and efficient work environment that adhere to long standing company policies, and procedures.  Teach, reinforce and enforce policies and procedures
  • Scheduling: Be able to manage and schedule crews, vehicles and materials over multiple events.
  • Be able to manage efficient work flow of staff between events to ensure inventory is repaired, or replaced as needed. Warehouse is kept in a safe and ordered manner.
  • Manage and schedule vehicle maintenance.
  • Order materials for events and general supplies according to policy 
  • Advertise for positions, be a part of the evaluation team for hiring
  • Monitor Staff with a coaching teaching approach but a level of high expectations for each employee to do their job and do it well.  We pay above market rates for positions and expect greatness in serving our client and thus serving each other as a team work for our mutual success.
  • Evaluations and disciplinary actions as needed
  • Comply with State and local regulations, record-keeping and related HR tasks
  • Jump in and help out as needed with event, including acting as a production manager to deliver and install a client order.
  • Manage and supervise all preproduction preparation work executed by event producers.
  • Interact with venues, other planners, vendors and suppliers as needed
  • Work with client as needed in the preparation for an event
  • This is our life blood and sets us apart from other event companies.  Our inventory must be cherished, cared for and maintained.
  • Enforce safe loading practices of inventory with proper packing material to protect products for client use and long term lifespan
  • Manage and assist as needed with inventory maintenance, both digital, e-commerce and physical 
Customer Service
  • Work with clients as needed
  • Follow up with each client for a post event review of customer service with the goal of gaining 5 of 5 start reviews
  • Manage both positive and negative client relations.  If a client is unsatisfied, first, determine why, gather complete info and input from our team and then suggest a resolutions if needed. 
  • 5-10 years experience in Events, Catering, Theatre, or related Hospitality Industries
  • A great mix of general event skills including carpentry, working with tools, general painting, drape, etc and…above all…
  • Problem solving skills with a “get it done attitude”
  • Good Driving Record – must be able to drive trucks and trailers and be cleared by our insurance company to drive company vehicles.
  • Ability to push, pull, and lift objects up to 50libs without assistance
  • Good customer service skills
  • Good written/verbal communication skills
Compensation Package & Benefits
  • Healthcare
  • IRA with 3% Matching
  • Paid Vacation, Sick Leave
  • Direct Deposit
  • Wage Package Starting at $50,000 and adjusted for skills and experience.

In business for close to 30 years, Ampa Events, an event production company, seeks well rounded candidates with many skills that theater and general event technicians will have including Carpentry, Lighting, AV, Rigging, and great people skills.  You do not need to be an expert in any or all of these technical skills, but proficient and willing to learn and grow. The primary responsibility is to manage the execution of events in the field which includes all preproduction planning and arrangements, the management of a crew, unload, install, and completion of the client’s order in a timely manner.

A Full Time manager level position with benefits for a career minded individual who wants to settle into one job, plant roots and grow with our company. A successful candidate will have a diverse skill set that is applicable to the event and live production industry. Candidates will need to wear multiple hats and change gears smoothly as operation require.  4-8 years of demonstrated experience in theatre, events, catering, or related hospitality industries is require for this position.  If you do not have the required experience, this position is not for you.

Similar Job, Titles and Duties:

Operations Manager, Stage Manager, Prop Master, Technical Director, Creative Director, AV Manager.  If you have held management positions of this nature and have a diverse skill set, you may be well suited for this position

Experience Required

Consideration will be give to candidates that have proven skills and HR management experience, but may not have a complete 4 years of min. experience.


  • Manage all preproduction arrangements in preparation for the execution of the event, to include Communications with venue, outside planners, subcontractors, arrangements for support crew, help with scheduling, and related tasks
  • Install and manage productions per clients need as well as manage the production team through the pre-production process.
  • Crew Lead/Manager:  candidate will run the production and manager the crew to execute on time installations. Great HR, People and customer service skills are a must.
  • Carpentry skills: Construction and installation of scenery; working with wood, foam, fiberglass, plastics, and other materials – general skills with tools
  • Lighting:  Installation of theatrical lighting for corporate stage applications as well as decorative theme designs including hanging, focusing, and circuiting of lighting equipment with groups based support in hotels and other venues
  • Inventory:  Assist and work with Inventory managers for tracking and maintenance to 30,000 sq ft of inventory. Our inventory is Ampa’s primary asset.  Track its goings and comings and enforcing safe and effective use of sets, scenery and support gear is essential to the success of an event company.
  • AV:  able to set up and operate general AV systems
  • Scheduling:  Facilitate efficient use of staff as needed for event schedule, and other tasks.
  • Requires the ability to work an irregular schedule that includes a typical work week schedule plus nights and weekends as needed per event schedule. Some travel required, including overnight stays.

Required Skill/Qualifications:

  • Positive individual eager to learn and grow with the company.
  • Well-developed leadership skills – demonstrated ability to motivate a team to execute and complete tasks under a tight timeline.
  • Carpentry skills
  • Lighting: understanding of theatrical lighting, wiring, and general repair skills.
  • Rigging Skills.Hanging focusing of lights.
  • Demonstrated organizational skills, able to self-direct and anticipate potential issues and provide solutions.
  • Good driving record, able to drive small box trucks and pull utility trailers.
  • Good written/verbal communications; technologically savvy.  Mac OS preferred.
  • Customer service skills — good with people and able to interact positively with clients on site.
  • Comfortable juggling multiple projects and able to improvise.
  • Ability to rapidly change gears and adapt to client orders.
  • Ability to push, pull, and lift objects up to 50 lbs without assistance.
  • Artistic skills and/or prop fabrication design and fabrication experience a huge plus!
    NOTE: A good mix of skills is a must.  We will train in many areas.  If you are well rounded and enjoy being creative, become a key member of our team and grow us.

    Not Required, but desirable skills (may position you for other roles in the company):
    1.  Artistic skills – painting, craft skills
    2.  Prop Design and Fabrication
    3.  HR Training
    4.  HR Hiring, candidate evaluation

    Ampa will train and provide continuing education for committed employees.  However, as a Senior Managers Position, candidates must come to this role with superb skills in the aforementioned areas.  If you are lacking in one or two areas, but have a positive attitude and a proven work history of commitment to your past employers, please apply but in your cover letter explain how you will manage your role if you are laking in one of the skills.

To Apply:

Send complete resume with a cover letter, explaining why you are ideal for this position and how your skill set will advance Ampa Events to:

Ampa Events, an event service and rental company, is actively searching for a part-time or full-time Full Charge Bookkeeper and Office Manager.  This management level position is an integral part of the Ampa team and will oversee and manage all aspects of operations, scheduling, and hiring.  Our ideal candidate will be a natural at multi-tasking, organization and genuinely has a passion for actively engaging team members and clients to foster business growth and operational efficiency. While we prefer to hire 1 full-time position, we are happy to hire a PT Full Charge Bookkeeper for 20-25hrs per week in a Work form Anywhere (home and office combination) model with 1 day in the office or a full time position combined with Office management responsibilities.  Work in a Covid Safe Environment with a private office.  Limited staff is back at the office.    

We are a successful small business for 25+ years and now we are rebuilding our staff post Covid.  Demand is high for our creative work and a capable company like Ampa.

Compensation package:

1. Salary rate based on experience – starting at $25.00/hr and adjusted upwards based on skills and capabilities.

2. Full-time or part-time. Flex schedule options are available.

3. Health benefits and retirement benefits for full time positions.

4. Vacation, sick leave, and time off as needed per policies and procedures manual.

5.  EOE

Full Charge Bookkeeper Responsibilities

Consideration will be given to candidates that have proven skills and HR management experience, but may not have a complete 4 years of min. experience.


  1. Full Charge Bookkeeper. AR, AP, payroll prep and reporting to an outside payroll company, reconcile credit cards, bank statements, expense reports, account for incoming orders, and all related bookkeeping tasks.


  2. Controller. Ampa needs a thinking person. Candidate must demonstrate, through experience, their abilities to evaluate expense reports, identify questionable payables, identify questionable charges on credit cards and in general, analyze bookkeeping information and time cards, addressing problems, and enforce policy.


  3. Enforce policy. Candidate must be able to enforce policy with respect to submission of receipts, reports, and information in a timely manner from multiple employees.


  4. Systems-oriented approach to management of books, information flow, and reporting. Candidate must demonstrate the ability to analyze work flow and identify areas that need better systems to facilitate efficiency in bookkeeping and general office management. Candidate will be responsible to establish work flow procedures to facilitate their success and overall company efficiency.


  5. General office management. Receipt and handling of mail, receiving orders and checking their correctness vs. order placed with various vendors, management of all supplies, office upkeep and general enforcement of policies and procedures manual.


  6. Customer service. A primary bookkeeping responsibility is AR. Along with this, a candidate will be required to follow up with clients post event as a general follow up and send a thank you note.


  7. Insurance policy management. Facilitate the management of various insurance policies including administering company health insurance, and provide reporting to other various insurance agencies.


  8. Other responsibilities. Assist the President in his new business development role and act as the President’s general assistant interacting with him in all areas as needed. General research of vendors and elements as needed for operations.

Office Manager Responsibilities:

1. Chief of Staff & Communication

  • Directly engage and supervise the team.
  • Actively participate and oversee the planning, assigning, and delegation of work to achieve successful execution of business initiatives.
  • Actively manage office productivity and oversee to task completion.
  • Prepare reporting and communicate regularly with the President on all aspects of Ampa business including but not limited to:  sales reporting and forecasting, business performance, employee accountability, staffing updates and workflow efficiency.
  • Maintain proficiency in all business software needed for Ampa business operations.

2. General Office Operations

  • Organize and manage all office operations and workflow – engage and challenge current process as appropriate to improve operational efficiency.
  • Oversee and develop work standards for all repetitive operation tasks as needed.
  • Monitor and oversee all office equipment including but not limited to: telephones, computers, network servers, printers, and fax machine.
  • Develop and manage execution of standard data management procedures for systemic retention, protection, retrieval, transfer, and disposal of all electronic and hard copy files.
  • Oversee mail handling, inventory delivery process, supply management, and ordering.
  • Enforce company correspondence protocol, style practices, and brand standards.
  • Oversee facility maintenance including but not limited to:  office cleaning/upkeep, snow/ice removal, parking lot maintenance, pest control, and parking procedures.
  • Main point of contact for the general public

3.  Human Resource Management

  • Actively recruit, interview, hire, and oversee training for all new employees.
  • Maintain active list of open job positions.
  • Review and maintain all personnel records in compliance with all applicable laws.
  • Serve as main point of contact for all human resource related questions.
  • General enforcement of Ampa policy and procedures manual.
  • Develop and implement employee accountability programs to foster operational efficiency and client satisfaction.
  • Review and update job descriptions as needed to ensure efficient task allocation.

4.  Customer Service

  • Provide superior customer service and step in as needed to resolve challenging client interactions with positive outcomes.
  • Ensure that Ampa brand is consistently represented at all times by all employees.
  • Assist the President in business development efforts and other general administrative tasks as needed to achieve Ampa business goals.

Not Required, but desirable skills (may position you for other roles in the company):
1.  Artistic skills – painting, craft skills
2.  Prop Design and Fabrication
3.  HR Training
4.  HR Hiring, candidate evaluation

Required Skills/Qualifications:

  1. Highly experienced professional that can demonstrate through experience how their initiative affects positive results for their employer.
  2. Minimum 5-10 years consistent employment experience, management experience, HR experience, etc.
  3. Practical experience with small business.
  4. Expert with QuickBooks Pro.
  5. Proficiency in all general office software and office machinery.

To Apply:

Send complete resume with a cover letter, explaining why you are ideal for this position and how your skill set will advance Ampa Events to:

Event company seeking candidates for the installation of decor, props, scenery and stage lighting through the busy Holiday season and beyond. This position is offered at variable Compensation options:
  1. Full-time employment at a negotiated rate of $14 – $16/hr. 
  2. Part-time seasonal employment at a rate of $13 – $15/hr. 
  3. Part-time employees can be based in cities outside Richmond such as Charlottesville, Tidewater area, N. Virginia. In these areas you will be on our roster and will be called, as needed, when we travel to your area. 
Responsibilities include:
  1.  Act as general event associate/installer.
  2. Follow the lead of the production manager to adhere to the client’s schedule of installation.
  3. Safe and timely load in of event equipment and packaging and return of equipment after strike of event.
  4. Comprehending event needs as per the contract and manage a timely and neat install as well as strike.
  5. On site construction and installation of scenery, props, drape treatment, centerpieces, lounge furniture or any event parts contracted for the event which requires basic skills with a variety of tools
  6. Installation of basic theatrical lighting including hanging, focusing, and circuiting of lighting equipment will be a plus. We will train.
  7. Manage inventory – help as part of the team
  8. Pull and Load orders for event and then return to stock and keep a clean warehouse.
Required Skills/Qualifications:
  1. Positive individual eager to learn and grow with the company.
  2. Basic carpentry skills (experience in theatrical & events a plus).
  3. Able to understand and interpret floor plans and drawings – AutoCAD or hand drawn. 
  4. Basic lighting, wiring, and repair skills.
  5. Good driving record, able to drive small box trucks and pull utility trailers. 
  6. Good written/verbal communications.
  7. Customer service skills – good with people and able to interact positively with clients on site.
  8. Comfortable juggling multiple projects and able to improvise.
  9. Ability to rapidly change gears and adapt to client orders.
  10. Ability to lift and move up to 50lbs unassisted.
Not Required, but desirable skills (may position you for other roles in the company):
  1. Artistic skills – painting, craft skills
  2. Scene shop skills
  3. Theatre and/or production experience

Richmond: You will be expected to travel to DC, Hampton roads and surrounding. Events may require overnight stays. Please do not apply for this position if you do not possess the required skills and experience. This diverse role means you will be a key player of a small team and be involved in many aspects of production. If you feel you are the right person, please apply to with Event Installer in the subject line, including a resume and a cover letter specifying availability.

Ampa Events seeks an accomplished wedding professional with an entrepreneurial spirit to expand and further develop our Wedding Division.  Qualified candidates will have a portfolio full of eye catching, wedding designs, a great understanding of how to develop new business and current industry business connections in the mid-Atlantic market.  If you are a responsible, well organized, self-starter with managerial skills and ambition to grow, this position that builds on Ampa’s 25 year foundation may be perfect for you.

We are looking for someone with a passion for weddings, someone that lives and breathes one of life’s most important and memorable events.  You will be responsible for the P&L of this market segment so you must have the ability to present and execute visually stunning designs while embracing the business need for efficient execution and profitability.  You must be skilled in developing and executing an annual sales plan that includes new business development and managing existing customer relationships to increase revenue streams.    The right candidate will thrive in the creative and business management components of this Directorship.

What you will do in this position:

  • Develop new business opportunities with a total solution approach to client event needs with our team and inventory as support.
  • Sell unique designs and total solutions including lighting, theme décor, scenery, audio visual, centerpieces, and general equipment.
  • Serve as primary point of contact for all inbound wedding related inquiries – work directly with clients to determine and finalize event orders including theme décor, lighting, production services, linens, china, or other client needs.
  • Draft proposals and contracts using a sales database system that includes a point and click inventory database.
  • Pursue networking opportunities – develop and maintain professional contacts in the wedding event industry including wedding planners, venues, and other wedding professionals.
  • Assist in the development and participate in maintaining an active social media presence to promote Ampa products and services to the wedding industry.
  • Oversee/manage all aspects of each event – you will be the face of Ampa for all wedding business and events.  Evening and weekend availability for event set-up and sometimes take down is required.
  • Log all sales activity in our CRM database, maintaining good records and files
  • Report weekly on all new business development activities to include sales forecasting and revenue projections.

Please apply for this position if you have the following qualifications:

  • Outgoing, friendly personality with 5+ years of experience in the wedding industry.
  • Managerial/Department head skill set and ability to work with subordinates.
  • Design skill and Demonstrated ability and a passion for turning creative vision into stunning wedding designs that emotionally appeal to customer needs.
  • Self-motivated with the ability to work independently and assume a leadership role in strengthening and increasing Ampa’s market presence in the wedding industry.
  • A positive, fun, passionate, and results-oriented approach to your sales efforts. Proven experience in managing a wedding specific P&L.  Ability to develop and execute an annual sales plan that achieves required revenue and profit goals.
  • Great relationships with venues and other wedding industry professionals.  Proven ability to capitalize on existing relationships and build new business.
  • Well-developed understanding of the wedding planning process and the ability to connect with other wedding professionals to establish and maintain strong professional relationships.
  • Flexibility to work an extended schedule that includes nights, weekends, and holidays to meet client needs.  This is not a M-F 9-5 job. 
  • Proven ability to write clear and concise internal and external communications
  • Strong computer and social media skills.  Working knowledge of Mac OS.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Ability to lift and move up to 50 lbs.


  • This is an incredible opportunity to build a brand from the ground up.
  • You will have P&L responsibility for the wedding business operations.
  • A competitive base salary of $40,000 per year + commission eligibility for paid sales contracts with incentives for maximizing profitability.
  • Benefit package – 50% employer paid medical plan + vision and dental options.  IRA savings with a company match plan. 
  • Casual work environment.

About us:

In business for over 25 years, Ampa Events is a stable and financially solid mid-Atlantic based event management and design company.  We are focused on providing exceptional customer service with creative-driven, budget-friendly solutions that encompass current design trends. We own over 30,000 square feet of equipment and rental furniture.  We also offer custom event solutions utilizing our in-house graphic design and fabrication capabilities. 

Visit our website at to learn more about us.


Thank you for your interest in Ampa Events Careers. So that we may evaluate you effectively, please proceed with the following:

  • Review Ampa’s website and completely familiarize yourself with our company, its products and services.
  • Review the job description of interest below.
  • Determine if you have the required experience first.
  • Send a cover letter clearly indicating which position you are interested in and why?
  • Email resume and cover letter to Please include position title you are applying for in the subject line of email.


Career opportunities available in DC, Baltimore, Virginia, and Maryland. Ampa provides variety of event production services for corporate, non-profits, universities, worthy causes, gala, social, government and political clients. Our geographic coverages is primarily the mid-Atlantic states/east coast, and as a touring production company National meeting and Marketing Tours.


  • Able to lift 50 lbs. unassisted; 75 lbs. with handcarts, etc.  All positions at Ampa require some physical activity
  • Able to work: weekends and holidays and in all conditions – weather, indoors or out; travel and overnights are required
  • Good general academic skills: math, english, spelling, typing and possess good computer skills – Mac preferred
  • Take responsibility and initiative
  • Good verbal skills, good people skills in person and via phone
  • Well groomed and presentable for business meetings as well as site work

Although all of these skills are not required for employment, possessing as many as possible will facilitate your success with Ampa resulting in a more rewarding career and high job satisfaction.


Ampa Events is a full service event company. We can plan events, provide rentals for all sorts of events, build custom structures for events and more. 

We will reach out to you as soon as possible if we think you are a good fit for the company.

Yes, we have a full benefits package available to employees. 

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