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Ampa Events a Full Service Event Production Company with Party Rentals, Lounge Furniture and Event Equipment

We are creative. We are fun. We are cooperative. We are flexible. We are experienced. We love what we do. We want to do great work. We are the source of materials and knowhow. We are a company with huge inventories, great people and great abilities.

Listening to clients is our first step to success. Then, we formulate a program that meets your goals. So, if you need party rentals in DC or Great Gatsby theme decorations for a gala, the best furniture rental, wedding decorating or general special event rentals in the mid Atlantic region, call us!

Headquartered north west of Richmond, Virginia, we operate throughout Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Washington DC, Metro Philadelphia, Southern NJ and beyond.

Price & Quality Guarantee

Ampa will match any price provided the product is of equal quality. If another company has a better product, we will either build or buy a new product to match or beat the quality or provide a compelling price.

Pricing policy in Regional Markets

As a touring production services company, Ampa Events provides event services throughout the US with our primary market the DC Metro and mid Atlantic region. We recognize there are cost differences in most metro areas and regions of the country. We adjust prices for our equipment to be competitive in all regions. Due to added security measures, cost of operations in Washington DC are higher than Annapolis Maryland or Charlottesville Virginia. We seek to serve all clients with a fair and equitable approach throughout the mid-Atlantic region and beyond. Please ask your account manager for additional information.

Efficiency vs Price

In the event world, there is a habit for planners and clients to hire a separate companies for each product or service. Ampa offers all event services and products under one roof. We own everything as a direct source of inventory and services. Hire multiple parts, such as Lighting + Drape + Event Tables & Chairs + Lounge Furniture + Centerpieces, and save on the multiple delivery and labor charges of hiring multiple companies. Better options from a creative team of designers, delivered and installed efficiently.

Need a Touring Production Service Company?

Ampa Events is a direct source of unique equipment, technical and design services.

Concept development, designing stage sets and conferences to include branding, custom fabrication, warehousing of fabricated programs, special event planning, logistics, shipping and execution are some of our services. Every client is different. Call us. We are happy to develop a custom service program specific for your needs.

Call us for details 804-358-5451.


The Ampa Team is here to serve. Please read our rental policy and more information on services prior to placing an order. Please call our office with any questions or for additional assistance. We are available to assist you Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Service Options


  1. Pick Up Rentals
  2. Rental Drop Off
  3. Rental Drop Off w/ Some Installation
  4. Rental w/ Full Installation
  5. Design & Production Services (Full Service)
  6. Event Planning and Management
  7. Custom Fabrication
  8. Graphics & Artistry
  9. Paint booth services for hire


Ampa Events



Time & Labor

Time & Labor
Time and Materials
Billable Hours
Billable Hours

Deposit & Reservation Policy

The equipment for your program will be reserved and taken out of inventory exclusively for you for the one to two days prior to the event and the day after the event date, tying up the equipment for three to 4 days. Thus, exclusively reserved for your date, it cannot be rented to others. A deposit of 50% of the contract total is understood to be a non refundable reservation fee.

How do we define great customer service?

Whatever the event, executing a contract for Party Rentals, Wedding Decor, a Streaming Virtual Broadcast Meeting or installing a Branded Stage Set for a National Conference, great customer service starts with being nice. Then it is about doing what you say you will do per the contracted order in a professional manner.
First, Ampa Events listens and then presents clients with our understanding of the order with a 100% itemized proposal that includes photos of equipment, lists of services and fees. Ampas definition of great customer service is being courteous during the planning process, providing options that fit the client’s budget, helping the client understand the order, and executing the contract with on-time delivery. We have invested heavily in customer service systems including our CRM system, eCommerce Website, SOPs that govern operations and training. Honesty is tops on our list. Photos are actual pictures of the equipment and all equipment is maintained in good condition. Ampa was the first company in the Mid Atlantic to post prices for all to see and we encourage all event companies to do the same. Ampa Events takes customer service seriously. It is motivated by our desire to do great work.

If we order a custom built product, will it look like the renderings?

We have this question asked a lot. Many clients will say the “…rendering used to win the contract was fabulous, but what we got was disappointing.”
Ampa not only designs the elements but we are hands on and build it in our full-service theatrical style scene shop. Throughout the building process, we are happy to send progress photos and have the client inspect while building. CAD renderings can look incredible and be misleading. Our rendering skills are not as good as our fabrication skills which means we will never “over render” the product. What we build usually look much better than our renderings. Please review examples under Fabrication.

What do we do if the client says “I didn't like it?” How do we manage client opinion?

Honesty is top priority at Ampa Events. We do everything we can to represent our products and services with full disclosure. We invest heavily in a customer relations management system (CRM) that itemizes the entire order. Ampa was the first company in the Mid Atlantic to post all our inventory with prices online. Standard operating procedures developed and refined over 25 years govern all operations. Structurally, we have a company geared to “get it right.”
To address “I didn’t like it…” we need to frame the discussion in terms of the Service hired by the client and who is responsible for the outcome based on the service hired. Please review the list above.
Most clients design their event. Ampa maintains our equipment in good condition. Equipment and event photos are available for the client to judge for themselves if it is the “right” product for them. For services 1-4, the client is the designer and responsible for the outcome. With Client Directed Orders (DIY Orders), Ampa defines great customer service as being courteous in taking a rental order, delivering the equipment on time and installing the equipment under the client’s instructions.
For services 1-4, our work is completed once the order is picked up, dropped off or delivered and installed.
For full service orders, (Service #5) Ampa, and each of its designers, accepts full responsibility for the program when we are 100% in charge. The first step is to make sure the designer is the right fit for the client with an interview. Both the client and designer need to determine they are a good fit for each other. During the planning process, it is our job to walk the client through the details, provide photos, drawings and floor plans in a full service manner and be respectful of the budget. The goal is for the client to be happy with the program in advance and sign off (accept a contract for services) before moving forward.
Event design and production is not a perfect science. Many factors, including the client’s budget and venue issues, affect outcomes, but even broken freight elevators have not stopped Ampa from executing. The good news is, when hired for full service, we have never had the total failure of “I did not like…”.
A contract is governed by facts. Everyone has a right to an opinion but as a professional company we execute in a clearly defined process according to the contract. With every client, we try to exceed expectations for a great outcome.

Site Arrival Policy & Transportation. (How do I know you will arrive on time?)

How do I know you will arrive on time? Ampa’s policy is to arrive “at the curb” one hour prior to dock time using Google Maps for travel time. This gives our team time to refresh themselves, walk the property and familiarize themselves with the venue.

Site Inspection Policy. (Will you meet with me on-site to review the venue?)

While site inspections are very important, they need to be executed at an appropriate time during the planning process. We like to prepare for a site inspection by designing a program that can be discussed on site. With a preliminary design in hand, site inspections are more effective.
Site inspections may be added to your order as desired when Hiring Services 1-4. Site Inspections and Site Meetings are usually included in full service programs – Service #5.

Floor Plans

Floor plans are a great way to visualize an event by showing the relationship of the ordered elements to each other, food and beverage service, seating and features of the venue. All floor plans are created by our graphics team and may be added to your order as desired when Hiring Services 1-4. Floor plans are usually included in full service programs – Service #5.

Who owns the rights to the design?

Clients contract our services and the rights to use the designs for one event. The true value of Ampa Events is our creativity. Ampa Events reserves all rights to our designs and innovations. Designs may be purchased.

Photo Policy

In a world dominated by the internet, we respect the right to privacy of all our clients. Also, in a world dominated by the internet, event photos are absolutely paramount to the success of our company. It is understood that Ampa is given the rights to use event photos tastefully for the purpose of general marketing through our website, blogs and social media postings.

General Rental Information


  1. All prices are subject to change without notice. Publicly posted price reflect retail prices for National and DC Metro markets.
  2. Regional Price Adjustments: Regional variations in pricing are directly related to the cost of doing business in the region. Major Metropolitan areas have higher cost and higher prices overall. Regional Price adjustments are available for Brides and Private Events. Register with Ampa eCommerce to qualify.
  3. Event Professionals & Venues: Recognizing the importance of “professional” planners to our company and industry, Ampa offers a Wholesale Pricing Program based on loyalty. Order multiple classes of equipment, enjoy the benefit of our technical knowledge and allow us to help you make your budget happen. Reward our customer service with repeat business and we will thank you with graduated wholesale prices. Register with Ampa eCommerce to qualify.

Minimum Orders:

  1. Pick Up = $300.00
  2. Central VA = $500.00
  3. Metro DC/NOVA/MD/NC = $1500.00
  4. Beyond = Call Us

Rental Duration.

  1. 24 Hour Rental – see eCommerce
  2. 3 Day or Weekend rental = 125% X 24hr Price
  3. Weekly Rental = 150% X 24hr Price
  4. Long Term = Call Us

Sales Tax.

Every client is legally obligated to pay sales tax on taxable items such as equipment. Ampa is registered and required by law to collect and pay local sales tax in Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland. In other localities, the client has the option to pay sales tax directly or given advanced notice, Ampa will add this service to the order. Please consult your local sales tax authority.


  1. Equipment is subject to availability on a first come, first serve basis.
  2. Your event date and equipment is not reserved until a contract is signed and we received a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit as a reservation fee.
  3. Order all Parts and Accessories Separately. The order confirmation is 100% itemized. All desired items must be listed separately. Do not assume the “entire photo” is included in the rental. Read and check your order thoroughly.

Equipment Condition & Use

  1. All items are shipped in working order.  Client assumes full responsibility upon possession for the safe operation of and protection of all rental equipment for the duration of the rental period and while onsite or in the possession of the client.
  2. Client understands and agrees that all equipment must be secured when not in use and protected from theft, weather or other hazards.
  3. All equipment must be returned to Ampa in its original working order.  The client agrees to pay for the replacement of any item not returned in working order or returned damaged in any manner.
  4. Damage Waiver. Clients may elect to purchase an optional non-refundable 15% Damage Waiver base on equipment total. This covers normal wear & tear, but does not cover gross negligence or pieces not protected from weather or other conditions while on site and in the client’s possession.

Event Insurance.

If you have purchased an event insurance policy, please include Ampa Events as an additional insured to protect you against any losses associated with damaged equipment.

Quote and Formal Proposals are 100% itemized.

  1. Only the listed items will be delivered. Read and Check the itemized list carefully.
  2. As this information changes, so, too, the price may change.
  3. Prices are valid for 10 days only and then the quote expires.
  4. Floor Plans are available as a fee for service.


The client is responsible for securing any necessary permits needed for the event. Securing permits is a part of Planning Services and can be added to the order with advance notice. Please consider full service planning as an option.

Pick Up Order

  1. Security Deposit is required. Your account manager will provide more information
  2. Client must reserve a time for the pick up and return of the equipment
  3. Walk-in pick up orders are not available
  4. Multi-day rental fees, such as a weekend 3 day fee, may apply for orders picked up in advance of event day
  5. Late Fees – Client must return items on the du date to avoid additional charges.
  6. Equipment Safety – Client is responsible for providing appropriate moving supplies, including, but not limited to moving blankets and tie-downs. In the event of inclement weather, items must be picked up in an enclosed vehicle. We reserve the right to deny a rental pick-up if appropriate supplies are not present to safely and securely transport the rentals items. With advance notice, Ampa will add shipping supplies to the order. For reasons of liability, clients must load their own vehicle.

DIY Installation.

  1. Installation and take down services are offered for an additional charge. If you opt to set-up and/or take down on your own, all rental items must be cleaned, placed in their proper storage containers and returned in their originally received working order.
  2. The client agrees to reimburse Ampa for the replacement cost of missing storage and packing material as well as replacement cost at current market prices of damaged equipment.

Contracts & Payments

Contracts must be signed at least two weeks prior to an event to avoid rush charges. A deposit of 50% of the total contract is due with the return of the signed contract as a NON-REFUNDABLE reservation fee for the equipment, personnel, delivery trucks and event date. The balance is due on or before the event date. We will not install an event unless payment is made in full prior to set-up.

Payment options – note that service fees apply to 2 and 3 below:

  1. Checks: personal and corporate
  2. Credit card: Amex, Visa, MasterCard & Discover
  3. Money Orders
  4. Bank transfer – Wire transfer*

*Bank Transfer, Bank Check or Money Orders are the preferred method of payment for interstate transactions unless other arrangements are approved. For custom fabrication interstate orders, this method of payment is the only option.

Rush Orders

Contracts signed less than two weeks prior to the event date are RUSH orders/events and require:

  1. Full payment in advance. 
  2. Labor costs are billed at overtime or double time and additional labor may be scheduled as needed.
  3. Delivery rates may be higher; rental vehicles may be required if Ampa’s fleet is committed elsewhere.
  4. Minimum Rush Fee of $250 to $500.00 shall be added to the order.
  5. Planning & customer service time will be billed at an hourly rate designated by production manager.
  6. Other applicable cost will be billed to the client.
  7. Client agrees to provide complete and accurate information, and the processing of contracts and payments in a timely manner.
  8. All preparation and planning work needed to execute is trigger only when a contract with payment is received by Ampa.  
  9. Time is of the essence with all Rush Orders.

Please sign contracts and accept orders in advance to avoid Rush Fees.

Other Fees – Change Orders – New Info

Ampa has no hidden fees. We do everything we  can to identify all costs associated with your event. It must be understood that as we receive more information from you, as the order changes and as the order grows, this new information may affect the total contract prices. After every change, we review all associated prices and adjust accordingly.

    Delivery & Pickup

    1. Standard Delivery ($)
      1. Drop off at door or loading dock
      2. Will call 1-2 weeks in advance with a delivery and pick up time window for 1 to 2 days before and after the event. Ampa shall dictate the schedule. If special delivery times are required, select a different delivery option.
      3. Packing Material and Storage Containers. All must be returned (regardless of delivery type) or additional replacement fees will be charged.
    2. Standard Delivery with Reserved Delivery Window. Same as #1 plus a scheduled delivery and pick up time per client’s needs. ($$)
    3. In Room Delivery Drop Off – labor fees apply ($)
    4. In Room Delivery Drop Off with Reserved Delivery Window – labor fees apply ($$)
    5. Mixed Drop Off & Partial Installation Order – labor fees apply; discuss carefully with account manager ($$)
    6. Full Service installation – labor fees apply ($$)
    7. Special Delivery Services include but are not limited to Weekend, early AM or late Night services, small elevators, stairs, walking equipment across fields, restrictions on delivery support equipment and more. All Special Delivery Services require advance notice and additional fees in order to plan for success and have the proper labor and equipment for on time delivery and or installation. Ampa Events is not liable for inability to execute the contract when information of special conditions and needs are not communicate to us.
    8. Pick Up. Items must be gathered and ready for loading in a secure location until the designated pick up time.
    Note: Call us to confirm delivery requirements.

    Cancellation Policy

    General Discussion

    Ampa and our clients agree that the vast majority of work that goes into an events including planning for the event, puling and preparing equipment, scheduling, administrative work and more, is executed before the truck arrives for unload; and that the deposit is a non-refundable reservation fee to reserve equipment, trucks and personnel, and that the contract stipulates: “Upon entering this contract, the total contract price is due and payable.

    The balance due shall be paid to the Ampa install manager upon arrival on site or in advance.

    Should a cancellation occur, both parties agree that at the discretion of Ampa Events, a portions of the “balance due” may be refundable or may be applied to a rescheduled date for a future event scheduled within 12 months as follows:

    1. Event Design & Production Services, and Full Service & Rental Orders with Delivery and Installation Service. 

    Cancellation after contract acceptance and up to 14 days prior to event load-in will receive a refund of installation labor and delivery costs only.  If cancellation occurs after 14 day prior to the event, full payment of the total contract is due and payable upon receipt of notification of cancellation.

    2. Rental Drop Off; and Rental Pick Up

    Cancellation after contract acceptance and up to 14 days prior to event load-in will receive a refund of 50% of the total contract. If cancellation occurs after 14 day and up to 7 day before load-in, the lesser of 25% of the total or the cost of labor and delivery shall be refunded. 

    3. Planning Time

    The first 2 hours of paid planning time and planning time executed on behalf of the client is not refundable. All unused portions of planning time may be applied to the contract at the discretion of Ampa.

    4. Custom Fabrication

    Deposits are non-refundable. Full payment is due prior to delivery. Balance payment shall be scheduled to correspond with milestones. These milestone payments will be listed in writing on the contract. Should the order been canceled at anytime, a portion of the balance may qualify for a refund at the discretion of Ampa Events.

    General Legal Disclaimer

    Ampa Entertainment, Inc dba Ampa Events (Ampa) expressly disclaims all warranties either expressed or implied, including, and without limitation, any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. This disclaimer in no way affects the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty, if any.
    The client understands that they are accepting full responsibility for equipment, and shall use equipment as designed only. The client accepts full responsibility for its guest and attendees at the event.
    Event Site Disclaimer. The client understands that every site is different and there are factors at each site that may affect, interfere or prohibit installation. Ampa shall not be held liable for inability to execute an order or for variations in outcome as a result of the site.
    Lighting Disclaimer. The client understands every site is different and there are factors beyond the control of ampa including but not limited to ambient lighting, windows, and colors of the walls, that will affect the outcome and final look of lighting designs. Ampa shall not be held liable for variations in outcome as a result of the site.
    Limitation of Liability. Ampa’s absolute limitation is the total contract dollar amount. Ampa shall not be liable for lost profits, loss of business, punitive damages and/or any claim by any third party.
    Dispute Settlement by Binding Arbitration. Any claim, or dispute arising from a rental or production services contract with Ampa  shall be resolved exclusively and finally by binding arbitration administered by the National Arbitration Forum. Any claim, or dispute shall be resolved via in person hearing to be held in Richmond, VA.

      Our Friends


      At any given time, we have two to three graphic artists and at least one web designer to manage custom graphics and client orders as needed. This may include gigantic custom banners hung at the entrance of a hotel to greet conference goers; cling graphics attached to windows, elevator doors and surfaces throughout the convention center; graphics for entranceway structures and registration booths or information kiosks; brochures, flyers, handbills or other needs.

      Ampa Events owns huge inventories. If you need party rentals in Washington DC; tables, chairs and linens in Baltimore Maryland; centerpieces in Annapolis; decorative lighting designs for a Gala fundraiser; or stage lighting for a conference, party rentals and professional event
      equipment are in stock and ready to go. If we do not own the product, such as an orange Chiavari chair, we will pick up the product and deliver it to your event with the rest of your order to provide “one truck” service. View our rentals.

      Logistics and pre-production planning is a big part of what we do to assure your program executes as desired. One of the biggest advantages Ampa offers is to provide multiple services with one truck, installed by one well-trained team of theatre technicians. This cuts down on loading dock traffic jams which can jeopardize a production. Ampa is always mindful that hotels and venues have other deliveries throughout the day. Painstaking attention to this detail and cooperation with the venue is paramount. If needed, Ampa may suggest “day before” or overnight load in order to safeguard the event. We will work closely with you, the venue and other participants to manage details.

      Ampa Events proudly serves the following areas, including but not limited to:

      Virginia: Richmond, Charlottesville, Williamsburg, Newport News, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Reston, Chantilly, Rosslyn, Falls Church, Vienna, Manassas, Prince William County, Dumfries, Middleburg

      Washington D.C.

      Maryland: Baltimore, Annapolis, Silver Springs, Bethesda, Rockville, Chevy Chase, Kensington, Gaithersburg, Fredrick


      New Jersey: Cherry Hill, SONJ, Souther New Jersey

      North Carolina: Charlottesville, Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Outer Banks

      Touring: As a touring production service company, Ampa Events will travel to you: Coast to Coast in the 48  continental states of the USA.

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