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Wainscoting Project

Home Improvement, Renovation, Restoration & Handyman Services

Carpenters, designers, theater technicians and creative people – what a great combination for creative home projects and repairs.  Our skill set is perfect for the home, home improvement, and repair.  Look at the fine detail in our White House or Bates Motel stage sets.  Detail is the key.  Ampa’s carpenters and designers will bring this attention to detail to your decorative home project.

What projects are perfect for our team or creative carpenters and designers?  Wainscoting, decorative trim work, fine woodworking, ornate molding to name a few.   Feature walls are all the rage these days – Barn Wood Walls; Greenery Walls; Shiplap, Contemporary Panel Walls –  also, we are pretty handy at hanging a giant mirror or organizing framed photos, artwork, paintings and decor into a feature wall.

Ampa theater technicians are multitalented.  Painting and decorative painting techniques as they apply to theater arts are equally applicable to specialty painting in the home or as a total makeover of an inherited piece of furniture.

Finally, consider that in the event industry, we are constantly improving solutions.  We are equally effective in the realm of household repairs and handyman or handy person services.  “How to” get the job done is part of our make up.  Yes, it may seem strange to hire carpenters from an event company but when you actually think about it more, doesn’t everyone want to hire creative people for their home project who are artisans and have great problem solving skills?  We think so and hope you do too.


Elevate the look of any house with wainscoting while adding value to resell price.  From formal dining rooms and foyers to mudrooms, bathrooms, and hallways, wainscoting offers both elegant and casual options.  Combine wainscoting with soft pastels for a baby’s room or choose custom laser cut panels for haute couture contemporary designs.  There are a variety of materials, designs, and motifs to choose from.  Provide us with a photo or select design services to help you visualize and confirm a design for fabrication and installation.

Installation:  There are essentially two options for installation.  In some cases, we are able to manufacture a unique custom fit wainscoting panel in our shop and then deliver the panel for a less intrusive installation.  For more detailed programs and programs designed to match existing molding will be install with custom carpentry work onsite.

Coffered Ceilings

Coffered Ceilings are stunning!  With finish carpentry, you can be as imaginative as desired.  A variety of traditional patterns designed to fit ceilings are available in PVC and traditional wood layering.

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Ceiling Medallions & Rings

Need something to a detail to a large open ceiling?  Ceiling medallions and rings provide many options to dress up a lighting fixture centered on a kitchen table, dinning room and other rooms with ceiling fixtures.

Crown Molding & Beams

To break up a room in an open format floor plan, consider surface mounted beam of layered wood or PVC. PVC options offer opportunities for faux painting to achieve a barn wood beam look without the need of structural installation work for a heavy, natural barn wood beam.

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Commercial Breakroom Renovation

Commercial renovations or residential, Ampa offers creative designs for both.  For a break room that was bit dark and, kinda blah, Ampa interior designers suggested a mix of materials for a fun contemporary look.  We combined plastic laminates made in the USA (Greensboro, NC), barn wood, rich deep blue paint on a featured wall with high traffic to the warehouse, new base boards, off the shelf cabinets and a large white contemporary floor tile.  The Ampa team started with a room of cinderblock and cream painted wood paneling and transformed the space into a bright, cheer place for lunch and meetings.  The smiles on the employees faces as they saw their new lunchroom was an added bonus for our team.

Custom Countertops & Furniture

Natural material as well as reclaimed woods have enjoyed great popularity over the years. When the Mandarin Oriental Hotel asked us to adapt our black walnut live edge bar tables to countertops for their new renovation we were thrilled. Custom design and fabrication allows clients to make unique statements through interior design choices.

Custom Wall Panels
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Feature Walls: Artwork

Are you busy with life and do not have the time or equipment to hang photos and artwork?  Have you tried, but organizing and spacing the items is frustrating?  Here is where the creative and artistic staff at Ampa can be super helpful.  A featured wall of family photos, collected art, portraits, mirrors and memorabilia is an instant conversation piece and will bring joy to the home for years. Ampa designers will work organizing furniture, tables and home goods within the context of an overall wall design for a lovely end result.

Mirror Hanging

Do you love the look, but fear the task of hanging a giant mirror?  Is the stud not in the center or not exactly where you want it to be?  Help is just a call away. Call Ampa today at 804-358-5451!

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Accent Wall: Barn Wood

Need an accent wall that really makes a statement? We can install a custom, one of a kind, barnwood wall in any room of your home! A barnwood wall is a great feature that can be paired with bold and modern decor, soft and feminine decor, or for lovers of all things rustic! Call Ampa today at 804-358-5451!

Contemporary Wall Designs

Made in the USA contemporary laminates are fun to design with and get creative.  In the event world, we use this NC companies products for stage sets and decorative walls with company logos.  Equally applicable to the Home and Commercial settings, hire Ampa’s interior designing services to evaluate the environment and suggest creative options from hundreds of patterns and color combinations. Ampa also offers custom cut wood molding panels for unique personalization of the home and office.

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Accent Walls

Have you spent a decent amount of time watching HGTV shows like Property Brothers and Fixer Upper and now you want accent walls in all your rooms? If you don’t have the time (or patience) to paint that accent wall give us a call! We can help you with color and paint section, taping, and painting. Want something more than just a flat color wall? We can help you design an accent wall that will have your guests saying “wow”!


     Ted painted with a paint contractor as his summertime college job and has painted commercial real estate and rental house ever since.  The rest of us are artists and scenic painters – skills that are perfect for faux finishes. Rest assured, we all have been trained by Ted on proper technique for doors, windows, trim painting, using large rollers for more efficient wall painting, how to prepare the walls and the proper use of chalking.

Deck, Rail & Stair Repair

Is your wooden deck looking a little worn down? Does it need repairs, the replacement of boards, rails or reinforcement of the stairs? Ampa can help with that! For a finishing touch, how about a fresh coat of paint, weather sealer or stain?

Fence & Gate Repair

Fences are vital to making sure that your living space is private and safe, especially if you have children or pets that like to roam around. If your fence needs a few spokes replaces we have it covered.  If it is weak here or there, a bit of reinforcement will do. We can also clean and restain or paint your fence to give it a fresh new look.

Does your gate swing incorrectly and close incorrectly or drag and never shut tight? Maybe a quick rebuild or the addition of a tension system will correct.

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Post Caps - A Decorative & Protective Finish

Upon installation, some fence companies will cut post at an angle to promote drainage.  Other designs use 90 degree cuts.  With flat top post, post are more prone to rot.  Consider decorative post caps to protect fence posts and offer a renewed look. 

Here we used Matte Black PVC since the homeowner had black wrought iron rails and lantern porch lights.  Copper and wood options are available.  Copper offers the added interest of patina over time with weathering.

Tree Cutting Services

Do you have some trees on your property that need some pruning? How about a small, simple removal? We can remove small trees and cut them down into firewood, help with storm damage, help with storm clean up and more. We’re not limited to just trees! We can also help with shrub removal and pruning.

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General Carpentry

Our carpentry services include repairs, installations, and sliding doors, and more! Need a pet door installed? We can do that too!

General Repairs

Do you have a “honey-do” list to complete, but no time or none of the tools to get the jobs done? Call Ampa today and we’ll help you complete that list!

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Need a custom piece for the home or office?

See our custom fabrication of stage sets and props as examples.


Ampa is happy to provide decorative carpentry, design work, fabrication, interior design and a variety of installation and repair services for both Commercial and Residential work. Most of our work currently is residential, but we have installed featured walls, panel, barn wood and decorative finishes for businesses and happy to do more

Yes. If you already have a door knob for example, we’ll be happy to install it for you. 

Decorative work, finish carpentry and repair do not require a Class A contractor’s license and yes we are insured.

Generally, within 1-2hrs of Richmond VA. We are happy to consider projects outside of this area. As an example, we can fabricate a solution in our shop and then install efficiently most anywhere in the mid Atlantic. A good example of this is Wainscoting, Custom Signs or Artwork.
A handyman, also known as a fixer, handyperson or handyworker, is a person skilled at a wide range of repairs, typically around the home. Thanks to our ample experience building custom stage sets, we are uniquely skilled to offer general “around the house” repairs. From loose doorknobs, to wooden deck and fence fixes – we are prepared to tackle any home repair project you have in mind. Finish carpentry is one of our specialties along with creative design work. Yes, we will be glad to assist with repairs, but we are best a making your home look fantastic.

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