Spring explodes with color

centerpeices double trumpet forsythia IMG 7148 HR

I love gardening and have planted forsythia along our tree line. The Yellow announces spring. Tall centerpieces make a dramatic statement. Forsythia is perfect for height and by using bulk material, the effect is fabulous.  With every program, my task is to design the most fantastic event possible within the budget. As a result of …

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5 Great Health and Fitness Products

health and fitness journal

Get a Head Start on Your New Year Resolutions! January is just around the corner and now more than ever people are thinking about how to get and stay healthy! If you’re planning a health & fitness themed event, or just want to get healthy yourself, Ampa Events has everything you need to get started. …

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5 Great Products to Help Stop the Spread of Covid-19

hydration kit to help stop the spread of covid-19

Keep Your Employees & Event Guests Safe and Healthy Make sure your staff and event guests have all the tools they need to keep germs at bay, such as travel-sized hand sanitizer or branded water bottles to promote hydration. Most importantly of all, make sure your employees can distinguish Covid-19 from the common cold or …

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Prominent Booth & Display Accessories for Trade Shows

booth display accessories for trade shows

There are tons of booths to see at trade shows, so make sure yours stands out. Invest in branded displays and signage to mark off your area and attract attention. You can also steal the show by passing out popular promos. Everyone loves a free shirt, so be sure to stock up on branded tees …

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Election and Inaugural Decor

American Flag Election Stage Set

Do you need a 20 x 30ft giant US Flag?  They are great as a stage backdrop.  Ampa has a variety of sizes in stock from standard 3x5ft to giant options.  All state flags, flags for every department of the military and other ceremonial flags are available. It is the political season.  audio visual services, …

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