Election and Inaugural Decor

Do you need a 20 x 30ft giant US Flag?  They are great as a stage backdrop.  Ampa has a variety of sizes in stock from standard 3x5ft to giant options.  All state flags, flags for every department of the military and other ceremonial flags are available.

American Flag Election Stage Set

The Election is Getting Closer

It is the political season.  Audio visual services, lighting and touring services are needed by every candidate.  Historically, Ampa has provided Stump Stop services to a variety of political candidates from races for the Governor’s Mansion, Senate or House seats and the presidency.  Providing touring production services, Ampa packages the AV, stage deck, press risers, crowd control barriers, lighting, and party rental tables and chairs on one truck and hits the road for multiple city tours.

Need something special?  Take a look at Ampa Events full inventory of Stage Sets from the Mall in Washington, DC:  White House stage set, Capitol stage set, Lincoln stage set, Jefferson stage set, Supreme Court stage set, Washington Monument and others.  Make a statement with traditional theater design and plenty of carpentry details. 

Inaugural season it is just around the corner.  Order an inaugural stage set branded for your state association and special interests. To celebrate our democracy, every four years Ampa Events helps clients create fantastic programs for inaugural balls and galas.

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