5 Great Products to Help Stop the Spread of Covid-19

Keep Your Employees & Event Guests Safe and Healthy

Make sure your staff and event guests have all the tools they need to keep germs at bay, such as travel-sized hand sanitizer or branded water bottles to promote hydration. Most importantly of all, make sure your employees can distinguish Covid-19 from the common cold or flu with informational pamphlets.

When in doubt, stay home!

Despite your best efforts, employees may still get sick, so be sure to invest in products that will get them back on their feet quickly. Cold and flu care kits will have all the essentials like cough drops, tissues and thermometers. Hand out branded mugs so workers can keep the warm fluids going while they’re on the mend. Last but not least, moisturizers and lip balms will keep noses and lips from getting chapped from frequent nose-blowing, which your staff will surely appreciate while they rest up before returning to work.

Hydro Kit

Packed in a 28 oz. water bottle with push-pull lid, the set provides flu care amenities including four alcohol wipes, chap ice, hand sanitizer, two surgical masks, three cough drops, two packs of Tylenol and 10 packs of tissue.

Immune Booster Kit

Includes Tazo Tea, Emergen-C Pack, Cough Drop, and Sinus and Congestion Pack to Clear pressure and stuffiness along with a full color card attached with your design, message and logo printed.
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16 oz. Bistro Two-Tone Ceramic Mugs

Get your business going with this 16 oz. wide ceramic bistro mug! Great for trade shows, gift shops, cafes and corporate events, this traditional coffee mug is perfect for everyday use with your favorite coffee or tea.
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1 oz. Hand Sanitizer with Carabiner

You can clip it on to briefcases, backpacks and more! Perfect for wellness campaigns, office promotions and trade shows, have your company name or custom logo imprinted on this for maximum brand visibility.
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Flu Care Kit

This 5 piece kit contains 2 disposable thermometers, 1 bag of Tea, 4 anti bacterial wipes, 1 pack (2 caplets) of Tylenol, and a travel pack of tissues (this item can also be customizable QUR). All comes packed in a zipper nylon case for easy presentation and carry. Great for wintery snow seasons!
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