Wicker Furniture ideas for Social Outdoor Events

Why should I have an outdoor event?

More than ever social gatherings are being held outdoors.  The restraint on the number of guests allowed to attend your next event outdoors gives you more opportunity to utilize nature to your advantage.  Whether your planning for a spring wedding, social party, or gala event you may want to take note. 

wicker rattan furniture outdoor event market lights

Photo by Lisa Poggi

What is the difference between Rattan, Cane and Wicker, and Why Does it Matter?

Many people use wicker furniture and rattan furniture as the same thing. So, the term gets used interchangeably to determine indoor/outdoor woven furniture. There is a difference actually. Wicker is a style of weave and Rattan is a type of material used in wicker weaves. Rattan is a naturally renewable palm that grows in tropical regions. Cane also is derived from the rattan plan and is the thinner material that results from stripping the rattan plant. 

How to incorporate wicker furniture in your event?

Just like we do here at Ampa for indoor events goes the same for outdoor events. Say you have a traditional dinner reception and you want to give it a more natural airy feeling with wicker furniture. Walking through the event you can swap event furniture where would be noticeable.

  1. Party Chairs. When you first walk into the space you see a cluster of tables and chairs. Rattan chairs can give a more natural look that ties in to the overall theme.
Americana french Cane Back Chair
  1. Lounge Seating. Here is where you can have fun pairing different rattan furniture and finishing touches to have a relaxing place to recharge.

  1. Decorative Lighting. Most dinner receptions last until the sun goes down, so you have to have decorative lighting to accent the dining area, dance floor etc. While using market lights is great for outdoor events, why not take it to the next level with reed lanterns.

Lighting Lantern reed cylinder basket with pendant light IMG 2089 Large
  1. Finishing Touches. Wicker baskets, lamps, ottomans, and lanterns can all enhance to look and tie in the theme for an outdoor event.

And these are a few ways to take to the outdoors with your events with wicker furniture this spring. For rental items checkout our website for more great products that can help you with a great design. 


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