Purple Lounge & Hood Chairs Seating Group


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Purple Lounge and Hood Chairs Seating Group

Designer seating kits are one of our most popular products here at Ampa Events. This purple lounge with hooded chairs adds a great elegance and pop of color to your event space with an inviting style and extreme comfort that your guests will surely appreciate. Elevate your event space with the functionality of comfortable seating, and the allure of a beautifully designed theme for each seating group that ties in with your event theme as a whole. This lounge seating group is perfect for your next party! Our designer seating rentals are perfect for event rentals, wedding rentals, party rentals, and more!

Learn more about how the elite creatives at the Ampa design team can help you build your event from the ground up with event rental offerings including a vast drape selection, many lighting options and designs, theme decor to match any theme, and a multitude of furniture including specialized designer seating groups as seen here!

Additional Information

  • Customizable to your event space
  • Multiple customizable designer seating groups are available through the Ampa design team
  • Brandable designer seating groups are available as well, perfect for marketing!

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