Getting Married Amidst Covid 19?

We have heard it over and over that our circumstances are unprecedented in our lifetime. But, this truth does not help families we know and clients who are struggling with how to have a wedding during a pandemic. It is easy to be disappointed and it is okay to feel that way. Every bride wants her friends and family around her on her special day. Always remember, it is about love and two people starting their lives together. There is nothing more positive that that!

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The uncertainty of our time is causing everyone to be more cautious and rightly so. We need to be mindful of our elderly relatives, relatives with pre-existing conditions, travel and more. Planning a wedding and wedding reception takes time and thoughtfulness. Add to this the need to plan social distancing, how to manage food and beverage services and other safety concerns and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Our advice is simply to move forward.

My wife and I were married later in life. Our careers were well underway. A mutual friend and youth minister introduced us in March at a young adult retreat. We wasted no time. After a brief courtship and a discussion with her father, she got the ring on Christmas Eve and a list of pre-approved dates I had received from her priest. Two months later, we were married on Valentine’s weekend. You can plan a Big Fat Greek Wedding in 2 months! No, we did not “have to get married” and boy did I get that question asked of me more than once. We just wanted to start our lives together. Moving forward with determination was the best decision we made.


Just do it! Get married. Start your lives. You can always have a big party next year. Yes, it is not exactly what you wanted, but more importantly, a wedding is a sacrament of the church and growing as one together. Start the walk of life now.

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With all the challenges of having a wedding during the Covid-19 Pandemic, call on Ampa Events, our planners and technicians, to help alleviate some of the stress. We are a direct source of unique event equipment, technical and design services. In business for 25 years, we combine a myriad of services to meet your needs. With one truck service, our trained technicians provide combination orders of lighting, drape, dance floor, centerpieces, lounge furniture, designer bars, unique dining chairs and tables, and the finishing touches to make your special day even more special. From our Central Virginia distribution center in Richmond Virginia, we provide services throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

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