3 Wedding Structures for Indoor and Outdoor Services

Is there any life’s celebration with more choices than the bazillion decisions that need to be made regarding wedding services and receptions? It is a momentous occasion that can be daunting in the preparations. Always remember it’s about love and two people starting their life together. Stay focused and check things off the long lists one at a time or, let one of the Ampa planners help you.

Non-traditional locations allow you to express your unique personality through wedding structures and decorating. What will the “altar” look like? Where will the priest stand for the service? Do you want to elevate the area with a stage? Historic house, plantations and wineries may have a formal garden, giant oak tree or architectural structure for the service. What do you do on the lawn of your university, at the beach or on a mountain?

Numerous design styles can be chosen for wedding service structures and they are as varied as the materials available to build them. Popular styles include Neoclassical, Colonial, and Victorian design motifs. Structures may include fabric and florals or architectural elements with more formal shapes such as gazebos, arches and pergolas


A gazebo is a garden structure with a roof and open views from all sides to the surrounding area. Use alone or embellish with floral designs.


Pergolas are a framework archway or free standing structure typically with trained climbing or trailing plants. Hang live plant material, fabric and floral designs.


Arches are a pair of posts or uprights supporting a horizontal element and great as a support for floral designs. Here are a few ideas to incorporate an arch into your wedding design:

If you’re interested in learning more about architectural design styles, click this link for a great overview. Our talented designers at Ampa are ready to help you select a wedding service structure and style that showcases your wedding theme. Call us today to get started creating the wedding of your dreams! 

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