Is This the Future of Live Events? Socially Distanced Raised Platforms

Let's Live Some, But Safely

In early August of 2020 the first socially distanced live concert was held in the UK. 2,500 fans were separated onto 500 raised platforms of their own in groups no larger than 5 people each. Each platform was 6ft away from it’s neighbor and everyone was able to enjoy a live event safely. 

socially distanced raised platforms outdoor events
Photo Credit: Owen Humphreys

"...we can make that.."

After receiving various emails from his employees saying “Hey, check this out, it’s been all over my social media!” Ampa Events Owner, Ted Rubis, realized that Ampa had all the equipment and know-how on how to replicate the social distancing event. He also realized that it wouldn’t be limited to just concerts. This is something that would be great for restaurants, outdoor movies, festivals and more! Not only would Ampa be able to supply the raised platforms, but they would also be able to supply all the furniture, lights, AV, inflatable movie screen, and more to their clients. Ampa can even help you plan the perfect socially distanced live event from start to finish

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