How to Incorporate Fall Colors

Labor Day signals the end of the summer. For weddings, it signals the coming of beautiful fall colors: greens, oranges, neutral earth tones, and vibrant reds, purples and yellows.

At the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk Virginia, the Huber Court, is a lovely space for a ceremony or reception, noteworthy for its openness, high ceilings and grand stairs. For a fall wedding, Ampa used purple and orange uplighting, complementing the centerpieces and neutral linens. Lighting can be transformative and when used in such a way, a fall color scheme becomes a lovely compliment to a great venue.

wedding classic dining chrysler museum

For additional elegance, Ampa used 1 or 2 pin spot lights per table to highlight the centerpieces and make them sparkle. Lighting accents add elegance and romance.

Virginia is fortunate to have so many wonderful venues. At times, the venue speaks for itself and all a reception may need is a complimentary lighting design, lovely linens, centerpieces and maybe a white dance floor. We all know weddings can be very elaborate. At VA Tech, both of my roommates were in the architecture program. The first lesson I learned from them was “…to design for the environment…” Simple elegance and allowing the venue to speak for itself is often all that is needed.

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