Wine Barrels: A Rustic Wedding Must Have

Are you planning a Rustic Wedding?

The traditional wedding venue has taken on many meanings to couples in 2020. From wineries, to urban lofts, to botanical gardens, to barns, many weddings and receptions are being held in non traditional venues. These unique settings open up a new world of decor options that provide the opportunity for a new twist on the traditional wedding and reception.

Wine barrel bar great for rustic wedding
Ampa Sponsored Luncheon - St. Regis Hotel, Washington DC

How to Incorporate a Wine Barrel

Wine barrels, for example, are a rustic element that can be turned in to an elegant accent. While creating a charming and classic design, wine barrels can be topped with a floral arrangement for the wedding cake, your Grandmother’s vintage lace tablecloth can be added to a table made of barrels to display appetizers, or combine the barrels to create a bar that serves signature beverages. Wine barrels, used as part of the romantic decor will bring a sophisticated ambiance to an otherwise rustic design.

Ampa Events, St Regis Hotel, Washington DC
Pink Pine Lakes Country Club wedding by Pasha Belman
Bridal Guide Magazine
Texas Hill Country Wedding: April Ann Photography
Lake Lanier Islands Wedding from Amy Arrington Photography

My designs are always customized to reflect the personalities of the couple and their special venue. With Ampa’s broad range of ceremony/reception decor accents, your special day will be made extraordinary in every corner!

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