Ampa Events on WRVA: How a small business played to its strengths

When life hands you lemons, what do you do? Why yes, you’re right, you make lemonade!

Event professionals are very familiar with overcoming unforeseen obstacles. In fact, we relish the opportunity to shine in spite of them. If you are an event professional, you know what we’re talking about – contingency plans are standard operating procedure, we are always prepared to expect the unexpected.

But COVID-19? Yeah, no one saw that obstacle coming as quickly or as fiercely as it did. And with it, the sudden shift of a global mandate to cancel events was a very difficult obstacle to navigate.


As a testament to our resilience, grit, and determination, our seasoned event professionals here at Ampa Events worked diligently to devise new business opportunities that capitalize on our strengths as an event production company. Our creativity is on full-display as we launch our new business services:

Employee 0004 ted

Our very own Ted Rubis was featured yesterday on WRVA to discuss Ampa’s journey to shift our business focus and navigate the constraints of the current COVID-19 economy.

Life has a way of throwing out obstacles. We’re optimistic and hopeful that although we aren’t currently producing large scale events, we will continue to utilize our skills and strengths as a company to continue to deliver a high quality product/service to a wider audience. It’s our lemonade response to the current lemons of life.

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