Fall Colors – Natural Woods & Wood Stains

Fall colors give me a warm and cozy feeling. Every fall wedding I have designed is warm and inviting. Flowers are one of the elements in my toolbox to create the environment. Natural materials also offer many options to add warmth to an overall design. I love natural materials – the knots in wood, the variegated grain of black walnut, the clean look of maple. For 25 years, I have designed and built elements for Ampa Events including lovely wood products that are great for weddings.

WITA MahoganyBar Top Large
Maple Wood with Mahogany Stained Facade and Birch with Ebony Stained Counter Top

Natural materials incorporated in designs are versatile. Yes, we see them in rustic motifs, but also, for years, we have seen natural materials in contemporary design, architecture and interiors. Reception motifs are many. Garden Greenery, Rustic Chic and Contemporary are popular. With natural woods and rich wood stains, I add warmth to designs.

Ampa has many products available with natural woods. Consider a few of Ampa’s designer bars – over 50 bars in stock. White bars with English Chestnut stain and butcher block countertops work nicely with greenery and clean contemporary furniture. Barrel Bars can be rustic, but in the patio of the St Regis Hotel, the look is more of a Tuscan Villa. Warm gray wood stains used on my Restoration Bar provide a rustic chic look with the inclusion of 100 year old Victorian corbels bought from Salvage Dawgs but also acts as a neutral color. When combined with wonderful options in china, glassware and flatware from our friends at DC Rentals, I can take you on a trip to to the Mexican Riviera or create a passionate purple motif! For another gray stain, consider the Belmont bar with all the intricate wood details for a more formal look. The use of natural woods with a variety of stains and various levels of artisan details make a statement with many designs and combinations of linens and florals.

With many tools at my disposal from years of building wonderful elements at Ampa, let’s have fun together with colors and natural woods!

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