Great Ways to Use Lanterns for Fall Weddings

Couples often want a touch of tradition with a sophisticated twist when thinking of decor and design for their big day. Designing a look that offers both, I like to incorporate unique pieces that are unsuspected, yet still give an elegance to the decor. Stunning lanterns provide a unique way of doing just that.

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Whether a fall wedding is rustic, elegantly chic, or vintage vibe, lanterns can provide the perfect glow to ceremony isles or reception centerpieces. Using greenery, rich floral hues, or fairy lights with the lantern design gives you limitless options for a beautiful accessory and additional soft lighting with ambience.

It makes absolutely no difference if the lanterns are wooden, metal, or decoratively painted in autumn colors. Lanterns always have a way of becoming the simpler, yet unsuspected, and elegant wedding decor.

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