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What is
Ampa Events?

Ampa Events, a complete source of production services and equipment for entertaining, branding, supporting a message, heightening awareness of a cause, political campaigns and lives celebrations. We gather people for purpose and fun.

We are a full service event production company providing creative design solutions tailored to the needs of each client. What makes us different is our holistic approach to special events and conferences that includes custom fabrication and a massive inventory curated over three decades. Since 1996 we have designed programs for corporations, associations and worthy causes as well as partnered with DMC’s, travel organizations, caterers, planners and venues. Serving Virginia, Washington, DC, the Mid Atlantic, east coast and touring, Ampa makes every event special!

What Makes Ampa Different? Efficiency!

In one word, efficiency. There are so many choices in the event industry – planners, destination management companies, party rental companies, wedding planners – and the list of service offered per company varies greatly. Ampa Events owns just about everything needed for any event. Our original focus was the hard to get and unusual products – stage sets, theme decor, custom fabrication. Into our second decade, we acquired more of the commodity event rental products and continue to expand our inventory today. The combination of designers with skilled technicians plus in stock inventory and custom fabrication creates efficiency for every client. Efficient customer service. Efficient and quick receipt of proposal. Efficient overall turnaround time and efficient execution. Ampa’s efficiency is friendly to the bottom line.
At Ampa Events, clients can hire everything from a Disco Party theme to Great Gatsby Roaring 1920s decor. Call Ampa for a consolidate order of all the parts needed to execute the event – custom designed and built branded stage set, stage drape, stage lighting, audio visual services, theme decor, arcade games; trade show drape, booths & services; linens, centerpieces, wedding decorations, the best lounge furniture, conference whiteboards, tables and chairs. All delivered and installed by the same truck and crew of technicians.
Ampa Events is a direct source of unique equipment, technical and design services delivering product and services efficiently…

Our History

For nearly 30 years, Ted Rubis has played a role in life’s most poignant moments. The first dance between a newlywed couple. Friends reuniting to share decades-old memories. A political hopeful launching a career. Colleagues uniting toward a shared mission. Volunteers raising money for a cause dear to their hearts. Through it all, Ampa has relied on great service as a founding principle: working with you, listening for needs and then delivering solutions to meet them.

Ted Rubis launched Ampa in 1985 as an entertainment-booking agency, building on his experiences with special events and his affinity for bringing people together. Responding to demand, Ampa expanded its services becoming a full service event producer.

By the 1990s the company offered complete designs including construction of stage sets, custom props and scenery, was invested in a warehouse full of lighting, rigging and audiovisual effects and developed a staggering inventory of theme decor. More importantly, we built a team… a team of creative theater professionals and artisans who know how to pull all the parts together, at any budget, to serve client’s needs. Ampa can dazzle a large audience, bring crowds to their feet or discreetly fade into the background for those special moments…

As a Virginia-based company, Ampa serves local, regional, and national clients. Hire Ampa and you are hiring a direct source of equipment, technical, and design services – a masterful company to orchestrate a total solutions or serve a specific need. Let us help you start celebrating, commemorating, and bringing people together.


What We Do

What makes Ampa stand out: skilled & creative people, innovation, determination, inventory, efficiencies and flexibility. Ampa is equally able to orchestrate a total solution or simply rent one item for the event, tailoring our services to clients needs. With all the equipment, services and personnel under one roof, Ampa seeks to exceed client’s expectations at any budget.

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We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way



Much of design is listening. Listening to our client. Listening to stated goals. But also listening “between the lines.”



Matching products and services to needs. Experience endless event services options with the most exclusive inventory in the Mid-Atlantic.



Ampa’s team of skilled theatre technicians are always ready to make sure set up, installation and break down of your event goes smoothly. 

Why is the amphitheater
in your logo?

In ancient Greece, the Amphitheater was much more than performances of comedy and tragedy. Yes, it was a place for entertainment but also a center for the exchange of ideas, expression of philosophies from the greatest minds, a place for orators and politics. In a like manner, Ampa Events creates environments to interact, spread information, achieve business goals, teach, campaign, celebrate life special moments and have fun!

Meet The Team

Ted Rubis


Stephanie Rubis

Vice President

Sandy Crowe


Leslie Amason

Senior Event Designer

James Meekins III

Graphic Designer

Tripp Marcus

Theatre Technician

You Deserve Our Best

We have over 30 years of experience

Featured Events

A collection of featured events produced by Ampa events. Whether it be full service custom designs, lighting designs, furniture rentals, party rentals, or just a bar set up. We have the ability to make sure your event goes off without a hitch!

Wedding & Reception Design

Wedding & Reception Design

With incredible resources and experienced planners, Ampa provides complete solutions tailored to the needs of each couple...
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Custom Designed Stage Sets

Custom Designed Stage Sets

I enjoy using a mix of subtle images mixed with direct messages. LED lighting programed into run of show cues give us unlimited opportunities for scene changes throughout the meeting....
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Made in the USA Made in Virginia Sustainability

Made in the USA Made in Virginia Sustainability

Does Made in the USA matter to you? Are environmentally friendly practices important? As artists, we are natural tree huggers concerned with preserving our planet...
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National Conference

National Conference

How do you entertain and feed over 5000 employees and family members of all ages for a noteworthy financial services institution...
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Corporate Onboarding Events & Team Building

Corporate Onboarding Events & Team Building

Need a lounge event for 800 guests? For any color or texture combination desired, we start with Made in the USA...
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Theme Decorating Galas & Fundraisers

Theme Decorating Galas & Fundraisers

Creating environments to achieve goals, Ampa employs all types of event rentals, drape, special event lighting, and plenty of theatrical props and scenery...
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University Events Honoring Alumni

University Events Honoring Alumni

Universities leave lasting memories with every graduate. Catholic University’s Hall of Fame induction celebrates...
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VIP Reception

VIP Reception

Celebrating the grand opening of a new Cloud Storage Facility in Northern Virginia, dignitaries & VIPs travelled from all parts of the US for the ribbon cutting and tour...
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Experience the Local Market

Experience the Local Market

For national conferences and national sales meetings coming to DC, experience our Nation’s Capital in all its grandeur with Ampa Events Night on the Mall theme production...
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