How do you entertain and feed over 5000 employees and family members of all ages for a noteworthy financial services institution at the national sales meeting and promote a feeling of inclusion and camaraderie? Simple! You order 4 truck loads of theme decor and equipment from Ampa Events to produce a Road Trip USA program pairing iconic theme decor from various areas of the country with local flavors, treats and activities. Employees and family members strolled through the Washington Convention Center on a “Road Trip” carpet runner enjoying dozens of food, beverage, and dessert options at interactive stations while roaming entertainers, activity stations and music brought smiles to everyone’s faces.

Installation: 2 shifts of installs executed with day before install of all fly rig lighting and AV. Starting at 3:00am on event day, event decorators installed theme decor, food and beverage station thus giving the convention center catering team most of the day to set up the many catering stations. Ampa Events is committed to cooperating with allied professions on behalf of every client for a smooth execution.

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