3 Great Wedding Reception Locations in Washington, DC

Our nation’s capital is teaming with fantastic event sites!  How about the historic Hay-Adams Hotel!  If you are a history buff, this corner of H & 16th Streets at Lafayette Square was the center or Society Events from the late 1880’s through the early 1900’s.

Washington DC has numerous historic properties with gardens. Two of my favorite are the Decatur House – just across the street from the Hay-Adams – and the Anderson House.  If you love historic venues, the architecture and furnishings of both are wonderful. Not only are the venues gorgeous, but the service from true event professionals and veterans of the event industry – Arioth Harrison Smirne at the Decatur House and Glen Hennessey at the Anderson House – is friendly and supportive.

The Decatur House has many spaces including the carriage house, entertaining parlors and courtyard. Several hundred guests can be moved from cocktails to dinner and festivities with ease.

I love strong architectural features.  At the Anderson House guests will have plenty to enjoy starting at the large entrance gates designed for carriage traffic, a dramatic covered entrance and courtyard of this 1905 Florentine Villa.  The exterior façade boasts tall columns, intricate cornerstones and large iron lanterns.  (I enjoyed designing and installing decorative lighting in this entry courtyard for the Phillips Collection Gala).  As guests enter, they will notice an eclectic interior with carved wood walls, gilded papier-mâché ceilings, ornate iron staircases, and intricate marble floors.  This gilded age mansion features and elegant ballroom with a Winter Garden room leading to the walled exterior garden which also features several spaces for an interesting garden reception. 

I have designed, produced and attended many functions in our nation’s capital for over 20 years.  Exploring the possibilities is part of the fun.  Myself and my team at Ampa Events will enjoy designing your dream event in Washington, DC.

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