Ted’s Wedding Bio

About Ted Rubis


Are you looking for a planner with tons of experience and a huge skill set?  Do you need a planner who can design events, build props, scenery and custom decor, work with drape and fabric, install glamorous lighting designs, provide technical solutions for electrical and other site needs as well as manage audio video with virtual streaming?  Ted Rubis is no ordinary wedding planner.  With over 25 years of practical experience and a vast skill set including design, carpentry, lighting and electrical, Ted provide solutions for client with long wish lists.

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“Asking Stephanie to marry me was the single most important thing I have done in my adult life. Celebrating the marriage sacrament and planning the rest of your life with another is an awesome time filled with excitement.  I hope my experience and skills can make the process easy and worry free.”

“When designing weddings and wedding receptions, I think back to our Big Fat Greek Wedding.  What joy.  We had a blast.  I want this for every one of my clients.  If the work I do as a designer can help you create the same lasting memories, then I will have truly accomplished something spectacular and lasting…”

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Fun Facts about Ted:

  • Love gardening – hate weeds
  • Love cooking
  • Favorite drink: Southern Sweet Tea with plenty of fresh lemon
  • Properly paired wines with a good meal
  • Favorite desserts – tiramisu and crème brûlée (How can you have just one favorite dessert?)
  • Love, Love Coffee – especially coffee with chicory, cream and sugar
  • Music I love: Jazz classics, New Orleans Jazz, Blues
  • And for dancing,  everything from swing & rock to the Commodores, Etta James, B-52s, Beyonce and OutKast….

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