Leslie’s Wedding Bio

About Leslie Amason, Senior Event Designer

A wedding….one of the most important days in every love story. The next step of the journey that a couple is about to take should be unique to the two of them. As a Designer/Planner, I can help create a wedding that will reflect this uniqueness. Whether a wedding is to take place in a Cathedral, Temple, barn, or a field, I create the romantic magic that continues to shape the love story. My forte is in the DETAILS, right up to the last moment! 


With all of the design elements at my fingertips, the design and proposal always hold a seriously fun event, full of class and unexpected decor in every corner! Transforming essential details into memorable moments will bring a Bride’s wedding expectations and dreams to fruition. I am happy to consult on every stage of planning from invitations, color palettes, centerpieces, catering, specialty lighting and decor, “thinking out of the box” transportation, drive by bridal showers, streaming for those that are not able to attend, even destination wedding negotiations……and more! Your guests will be left in awe for years to come over the unexpected details leading up to, and including, the big day!

A well thought out wedding plan always has a Plan B. When I had originally planned to have my own wedding in Paris, France, those plans were derailed when 9/11 occurred. My mode immediately went from blissful Bride to creative Planner. Today, the world is feeling the uncertainty again that requires Designers and Planners to make sure that a Plan B still provides the best day ever. “For better or for worse, in good times and in bad”, under any and all circumstances, I will have your Plan B ready for any unforeseen occurrences.

My creative vision will bring a sophisticated and stylish look to a wedding that will conceptualize an atmosphere that is unique and rare to most weddings.

In addition to weddings, my experience in the event designing and planning industry extends over 30 years and also includes corporate, non-profit, and private events, for 50 to 2000 guests.

Fun Facts

Favorite Color: any shade of purple

Education: College Degree is in Fashion from Winthrop University. Though I pursued a career in event designing and not fashion, I’m sure my parents would be happy that I am in an industry that still provides me with a creative outlet!

Favorite cocktail: Cosmopolitan and Chocolate Martinis!

Favorite Music: Jazz (Miles Davis – “It Never Entered My Mind”) and anything Beach Music

Favorite Place: Venice, Italy …. or any place with sun, fun, and a beach!

Favorite Architecture: French Country

Favorite Quote: “You never know how strong you can be until strong is your only option”.