Split Back White Sofa | Inviting White 5.8ft


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Split Back White Sofa

This gorgeous white sofa has a classic, mid-century modern design making it a perfect pairing for a plethora of seating arrangments. It is a perfect fit for your next corporate event, wedding, home, or office. The back rest is split in two individually adjustable parts with three positions: couch, relax and bench. It only takes a small click to go from one position to the other.

Additional Information

  • Compatible with a wide range of event styles and spaces
  • available with a matching Split Back chair
  • available in our specialized custom designer seating groups through our design team
  • available in rental and purchasable options
  • 2.8ft x 5.8ft x 2.5ft

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Additional information

Dimensions 34.5 × 70 × 29.5 in