Sheer Drapes w/ Twinkle Lights (14ft W x 10ft H)


Enhance the ambiance, decor, and theme of any occasion with our Sheer Drape with Twinkle Lights. Order Labor & Stage Lighting Separately

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Enhance the ambiance, decor, and theme of any occasion with our Sheer Drape with Twinkle Lights by adding texture, depth, and visual interest to the event space. Sheer Drape is very translucent, soft, and flows beautifully, making it perfect for weddings. Create a memorable and romantic atmosphere using our drape to adorn wedding arches or chuppahs.

The drape pairs excellently with our up-lighting and diverse array of lighting design services, as well as layering well with our other drapery.  Our drape sections typically run 10ft wide and our variable height uprights can reach up to 20′ height but you may wish to go lower and let the drape pool on the floor for an elegant baroque look. Our drape is a beautiful product that can change the look of any room easily. This drape can be used to cover walls or create a backdrop for a wedding or stage.  It can also be tied back to create entranceways.

Our sheer drape comes in 10ft wide sections and has an adjustable height that goes from 8.5ft all the way to 14ft tall allowing us to cover a great deal of wall. This product is also freestanding and can be used to separate sections of a room if needed.

Enhance your event with customizable drapery solutions from Ampa Events. Our wide selection of drapery is available to suit any event’s theme, style, and color scheme. Our pipe and drape is professionally installed by experienced technicians who can efficiently and safely set up the drapery according to your specifications.

Our drape comes in a variety of colors and fabrics. Drape is a great addition to weddings, wedding receptions, corporate events, school events, birthdays, galas, conferences and more!

Includes Sheer drape, support, and lights only.

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Dimensions 12 × 120 in