2-Panel New Style Corrugated Tin Restoration Bar, Square


Customizable Panels Available

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2-Panel New Style Corrugated Tin Restoration Bar, Square

Our Restoration Bar is a rustic inspired piece hand crafted piece that features a beautiful stained front with chestnut butcher block countertops and reclaimed corbels. This bar also features interchangeable panels to fit any event. Our corrugated tin panels make a fun addition to the bar and adds to it’s appeal.

These beverage bars offer plenty of space to bartenders and caterers and can fit two bartenders serving.  Our bars can also double as registration tables, ticket counters, and more!

You can use multiple sections to accommodate more guests or to make a larger statement. Combining bars together with pedestals can make unique displays – Straight, “V” Shape, “U” Shape, Square. Larger configurations may be offered at special prices.

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Dimensions 180 × 48 in