Gilded Art Deco Screen 2 Panels Gold


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Gilded Art Deco Screen 2 Panels Gold

Check out the multitude of divider walls and screens that we carry. For a blend of style and functionality, these walls can offer you a custom design element made to stand out or blend in. Section off parts of your event to do everything the way you want. Whether the event is a dance, birthday party, or trade show, our divider walls can meet your event needs.

Learn how the elite creatives at the Ampa design team can help you build your event from the ground up with offerings including a vast drape selection, many lighting options and designs, theme decor to match any theme, and a multitude of furniture with our specialized designer seating groups!

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  • Compatible with a wide range of event styles and spaces
  • available in rental and purchasable options

See how our designers styled this product and more on our Instagram!

Learn more about our custom designer seating groups for your next event at our designer seating portfolio page in the menu!

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Dimensions 1 × 96 in