Custom 3D Letter Stage Set


Custom 3D Letter Stage Set tailors every aspect to your brand’s vision. Ideal for events with guest speakers, create unforgettable moments with immersive experiences guests will cherish.

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Custom 3D Letter Stage Set

Transform your professional event with this custom 3D Letter Stage Set. Every aspect is tailorable to your brand’s vision – from the letters to the logo atop the leftward drape, all customizable to your specifications. This stage set sets the scene for unforgettable moments, ideal for events featuring guest speakers. Delight both speakers and guests alike with an immersive experience they’ll cherish long after the event ends. Set yourself apart with a stage set that speaks volumes about your brand’s image of excellence.

Additional Information

  • For pricing inquiries, please contact us directly as prices for this product may vary.
  • Requires 3 weeks lead time.
  • Standalone rental options for our product or opt for a seamless experience with our installation services.
  • Enjoy complimentary customer service for 2-5 hours, with optional extended support available for a nominal fee after the initial period.
  • Full production services are available through our in-house design team. Explore our extensive portfolio showcasing how our designers have maximized the potential of this product, alongside other stunning stage sets.

The Baker Awards for INSA started with our favorite statement: “We want something different.” The association’s planner sought out our expertise,by recommendation of the Ritz Carlton’s AV manager. Designer Ted Rubis recalls asking to see the award, and coming up with a perfect centerpiece for INSA responding, “How about a 7ft 3D model as a stage prop? We will warehouse it and ship it yearly.” For years, we at Ampa have been crafting immersive stage sets around this branding element, and utilizing dimensional props and scenery to reinforce messages and tell compelling stories. Designing solutions core to the mission of organizations provides long-term efficiencies and enhanced outcomes.

Witness how a single investment resulted in enduring success, as Ampa continues to elevate events with its unparalleled creativity and dedication to excellence.

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