Beat the Bucket Dunk Tank Water Game


Throw the ball at the target to drop the bucket – but be warned, the target can fight back! This is a new take on the classic dunk tank. Do you think you can beat the bucket?


Beat the Bucket Dunk Tank Water Game

Our Beat the Bucket game is a great dunk tank alternative that is easier to install, takes up less space, and is just as fun! The way it works is the challenger tries to hit the target like in a normal game but this time the dunkee can defend. If the target is hit the bucket drops and the defender gets soaked!

This can be a great game for birthday parties, corporate picnics, neighborhood gatherings, outdoor events, carnivals, school fundraisers and more! It’s an innovative new take on a classic carnival game. Do you think you can Beat the Bucket!?

Additional information

Dimensions 60 × 108 in

Commercial Event Price, One Family Price (4hrs), Two Family Price (4 hrs Each)