50’s Diner Quilted Bar (6.5ft)


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50’s Diner Quilted Bar (6.5ft)

Our 50’s Diner retro bar is features a quilted metal front along with a red and white checkerboard pattern near the bottom. Quilted metal pedestals can be added at each end of this bar, providing a place for more bars to be attached. Our bars can add a retro flair to any event.  These beverage bars offer plenty of space to bartenders and caterers and can fit two bartenders serving.  Our bars can also double as registration tables, ticket counters, and more!

You can use multiple sections to accommodate more guests or to make a larger statement. Combining bars together with pedestals can make unique displays – Straight, “V” Shape, “U” Shape, Square. Larger configurations may be offered at special prices.

Additional Information

  • Compatible with a wide range of event styles and spaces.
  • Available in our specialized custom designer seating groups through our design team.
  • Available in rental and purchasable options.

This product is ideal for use at Expo booths, designed to boost your image and attract more attention. Rent this product along with other complementary items to enhance your booth’s appeal and ensure it stands out from the rest.

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Dimensions 30 × 42 in