2x2ft Window Wall Stepping

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2x2ft Window Wall Stepping

Our window walls offer a simple yet effective solution to elevate the atmosphere of your next corporate gathering. Adding a touch of professionalism to any event, these installations seamlessly blend into the surroundings. When positioned on a stage set, they naturally attract attendees’ attention, providing a subtle focal point throughout the program.

Additional Information

  • Only includes central stage set (window wall stepping).
  • Screen verticals placed to the right and left of the central stage set are also available in our 2x2ft Window Wall Stepping w/ Screen Verticals.
  • For pricing inquiries, please contact us directly as prices for this product may vary.
  • Standalone rental options for our product or opt for a seamless experience with our installation services.
  • Enjoy complimentary customer service for 2-5 hours, with optional extended support available for a nominal fee after the initial period.
  • Full production services are available through our in-house design team. Explore our extensive portfolio showcasing how our designers have maximized the potential of this product, alongside other stunning stage sets.

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Additional information

Dimensions 24 × 144 in