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What's Included?

Most importantly, a rain date! Ampa’s Parking Lot Party Package is designed for Friday install and execution with Saturday as the automatic rain date! Ampa Events is here to help life’s important moments more forward safely during the pandemic. A contract with Ampa provides the incredible value of equipment and personnel reservation for 2 days at no additional cost!*. Back to back reservation dates can be Fri/Sat or Thur/Friday or Sat/Sun, etc. Ask about special prices for weekday reservations.

*Rain Date Decision to be made by noon on the day before the reserved date. (ie if reserved dates are Fri/Sat, call is made on Thursday)

Make Your Party Uniquely Yours!


Hundreds of themes are available. The floor plan can be replicated with similar products for any desire look including tall elements at the perimeter to define the area, dance floor structures with market lights, theme stage for photo op and senior walk, party rentals, event lighting and more. Party rentals, tables and chairs, red carpet, searchlights and more can be added to the order as desired

Prom Court Stage

A lovely photo backdrop that can be used throughout the prom and for special presentations such as the presentation of the prom court and senior walk. Includes stage deck, giant 2021 numbers, photo backdrop and accessories.

Dance Area Gazebo & Market Lights

Using high tables as a support for market lights, ample will install light strings zigzagging around a large area for dancing with social distancing.

Perimeter Decor

To define the prom area, the design includes lattice screens, topiaries, park benches, and lampposts which also provide additional lighting.

Tables & Chairs Optional

Social distancing with a date is a challenge but doable. Café tables with chairs and high tables with barstools dressed with lovely linens can help create a beautiful overall ambience.

Food Beverage & Refreshments

Several larger tables and a second gazebo can be installed for placement of individual portions of refreshments

Lighting Designs

Theatrical lighting is perfect for illumination and theme decorating. The projection of lighted patterns used regularly to set the mood can be brought to the parking lot for the dual purpose of illumination and decoration. A foliage pattern in soft colors can be projected onto the parking lot to camouflage and soften the environment. Lighting designs can be discussed and added as a transformative element.

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