Delivery Rates

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Ampa delivery pricing is determined by location with the following zone rates:

  • 2 Hour Radius from Richmond, VA = $275 flat rate
  • 3 Hour Radius from Richmond, VA = $375 flat rate
    (Including Raleigh, Greensboro, & Baltimore)
  • Washington D.C. = $325 flat rate plus parking fees
  • Washington D.C. Metro Area = $325 flat rate
  • Mid-Atlantic = $1.50 per mile rate plus expenses
    (beyond specified areas)
  • Touring = Call for a quote (varies)


Cost of delivery and labor is affected by:

  • Installation time
  • Access to facility
  • Type of facility
  • Time of day
  • Technical needs
  • Content of order
  • Other factors beyond our control


Please Note: Labor rates range from 10% – 30% of the budget total. Labor and Delivery quotes shall be determined by the account manager and discussed with the client. **

** Ever changing information:
The event industry is known for ever-changing information regarding client events. This includes access time to facilities, new information from venues, changed orders from the client, and many other variables. As our clients provide us with new information, Ampa shall re-evaluate and adjust the cost of labor, delivery, and other items accordingly.